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pywonderland - A tour in the wonderland of math with Python.

  •    Python

A collection of python scripts for drawing beautiful figures or animating interesting algorithms in mathematics. You can visit the website for this repository to see how to use these scripts and get more information of the math behind them.


  •    Python

Fractal feedback concepts, based on video feedback

Sierpinski's Triangle in Silverlight

  •    Silverlight

This program will generate Sierpinski's triangle using Silverlight.

pynamical - Pynamical is a Python package for modeling and visualizing discrete nonlinear dynamical systems, chaos, and fractals

  •    Python

pynamical uses pandas, numpy, and numba for fast simulation, and matplotlib for visualizations and animations to explore system behavior. Compatible with Python 2 and 3. Pynamical comes packaged with the logistic map, the Singer map, and the cubic map predefined. The models may be run with a range of parameter values over a set of time steps, and the resulting numerical output is returned as a pandas DataFrame. Pynamical can then visualize this output in various ways, including with bifurcation diagrams, two-dimensional phase diagrams, three-dimensional phase diagrams, and cobweb plots.

metalbrot-playground - An interactive playground showing how to use Metal compute kernels.

  •    Swift

Metalbrot.playground is an interactive playground showing how to use Metal compute kernels with Swift. More information can be found on my blog.

Fatou.jl - Fatou sets in Julia (Fractals, Newton basins, Mandelbrot)

  •    Julia

Julia package for Fatou sets. Install using Pkg.add("Fatou") in Julia. See Explore Fatou sets & Fractals in Wiki for detailed examples. This package provides: fatou, juliafill, mandelbrot, newton, basin, plot, and orbit; along with various internal functionality using Reduce and Julia expressions to help compute Fatou.FilledSet efficiently. Full documentation is included. The fatou function can be applied to a Fatou.Define object to produce a Fatou.FilledSet, which can then be passed as an argument to the plot function of PyPlot. Creation of Fatou.Define objects is done via passing a parse-able function expression string (in variables z, c) and optional keyword arguments to juliafill, mandelbrot, and newton. Fatou also provides basin to display the the Newton / Fatou basins using set notation in LaTeX in IJulia.

fractastic - Fractastic is a simple and approachable fractal generator written in C.

  •    C

Fractastic is a simple and approachable fractal generator written in C. It generates Julia set fractals by repeatedly iterating a complex quadratic function until divergence (or convergence). The number of iterations required to diverge at a point is recorded and used as part of the value to color the related pixel in the final, rendered image of the fractal. run.sh is a script that will handle everything for you automatically. It is heavily commented, so you can see the exact steps that it takes. The C program outputs to stdout; run.sh just captures its output and pipes it to a ppm (and png, if ImageMagick is installed) file.


  •    Go

An example on how to use different concurrency patterns with Go to compute Mandelbrot sets.

CVoxelEngine - A C++ Voxel Engine, to succeed my Java Voxel Engine

  •    C++

A C++ Voxel Engine, to succeed my Java Voxel Engine. Uses SDL, and may use OpenCL in the future. You need to install the SDL dlls in your system root directory in order to build or run my CVoxelEngine. I have provided the 64-bit SDL dlls in the lib folder of this repository, which you'd install in %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64 (e.g. C:\Windows\SysWOW64).

MusicalFractals - :sparkles: Generates 3D, animated fractals by analyzing the waveform of audio files

  •    Javascript

Where a, b, c are parameters seeded by analyzing the waveform of the browser's audio. This equation is known as the 'Hopalong Attractor'. The graphical portion of this project was created by Iacopo Sassarini. In his implementation, he used random seeds to generate and render random Hapolong Orbital fractals. I modified his code to use the waveform of browser audio as a seed to generate fractals.

fractals - A self-similar fractal gallery application using Scala native.

  •    Scala

A Scala native fractal generator. You need to install llvm, sdl2 and bdw-gc to your system.

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