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A Visual FoxPro Community effort to create open source add-ons for Visual FoxPro 9.0. The code, classes, and libraries made available here are the result of a community-based effort to support and extend Visual FoxPro.

Home of ActiveVFP - Foxpro on the World Wide Web


ActiveVFP is a completely free and open source project for creating web applications with Visual Foxpro. Why use PHP? Easy yet powerful Foxpro web development.

Fox Migrator


If you are suffering with the data extraction from old FoxPro tables Fox migrator is a solution to take foxpro tables to Oracle or Sql server databases, developed in C# using VS2010.

Visual FoxPro Professional 2012


Visual FoxPro Professional is a project to extentd Visual FoxPro editor capabilities. This is based on Scintilla Editor control.


  •    LINQ

LINQ to VFP is an IQToolkit Provider written specifically to target Visual FoxPro data.



Export your Visual FoxPro reports to Images, RTF, PDF, HTML or XLS super easy! Send them by email! Enhance the look of your previews, and allow your users to decide how their report previews will be.

nfJson - Provides a set of fast performance, reliable and easy to use Json functions using pure VFP

  •    xBase

Provides a set of fast performance, reliable and easy to use Json functions using pure VFP.

ifox - A set of tools for Visual FoxPro implementing the most common internet protocols

  •    xBase

A set of tools for Microsoft Visual FoxPro implementing the most common internet protocols. This project started as a freeware library in the now gone ifox.com.ar site around 1999 to demonstrate what can be done in Microsoft Visual FoxPro. As years passes by it evolved as a complete solution, covering a broad range of protocols.

go-foxpro-dbf - Golang package for reading XBase FoxPro DBF/FPT files

  •    Go

Golang package for reading FoxPro DBF/FPT files. This package provides a reader for reading FoxPro database files. At this moment it is only tested for Alaska XBase++ DBF/FPT files in FoxPro format and some older FoxPro files, see the included testdbf folder for these files. These files have file flag 0x30 (or 0x31 if autoincrement fields are present).

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