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bell - Third-party login plugin for hapi

  •    Javascript

Third-party authentication plugin for hapi.bell ships with built-in support for authentication using Facebook, GitHub, Google, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Slack, Stripe, Twitter, Yahoo, Foursquare, VK, ArcGIS Online, Windows Live, Nest, Phabricator, BitBucket, Dropbox, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitch, Mixer, Salesforce, Pinterest, Discord, DigitalOcean, AzureAD, trakt.tv and Okta. It also supports any compliant OAuth 1.0a and OAuth 2.0 based login services with a simple configuration object.


  •    DotNet

Fourssquare.NET provides a framework for developers to access Foursquare's APIs. Foursquare.NET returns easy to use objects rather than XML or JSON for the deveolper to parse. It's developed in C#.

FourSquare VP C++ API

  •    C++

FourSquare VP(Venues Platform) C++ API for Windows.

fsqio - A monorepo that holds all of Foursquare's opensource projects

  •    Scala

All Foursquare code lives in a single repository, an architecture generally called a monorepo. Fsq.io is a subset of that internal monorepo. Fsq.io holds many of Foursquare's open source projects that had previously lived in their own separate Github repos. Foursquare contributes to a build tool specifically designed to work with monorepos called Pants. The entire Fsq.io repo is is built and tested by Pants.Deploying directly from our monorepo has some nice advantages, for consumers of our open source projects as well as Foursquare itself. The entire repo is built daily by our CIs and internal contributions are open sourced automatically without the overhead of publishing. This repo will always contain the latest code that we use internally, all of the tools can be built just as we use them, directly from HEAD.

cloudrail-si-node-sdk - Unified API Library for: Cloud Storage, Social Log-In, Social Interaction, Payment, Email, SMS, POIs, Video & Messaging

  •    Javascript

CloudRail is an API integration solution which abstracts multiple APIs from different providers into a single and universal interface.With CloudRail, you can easily integrate external APIs into your application. CloudRail provides abstracted interfaces that take several services and then exposes a developer-friendly API that uses common functions between all providers. This means that, for example, upload() works in exactly the same way for Dropbox as it does for Google Drive, OneDrive, and other Cloud Storage Services, and getEmail() works similarly the same way across all social networks.

node-foursquare - Foursquare API v2 for NodeJS

  •    Javascript

Fault-tolerant Foursquare API wrapper for Node JS. The Foursquare module takes a configuration parameter containing logging and client keys. It also supports alternate Foursquare URLs if necessary, (but that is unlikely).

earth - 🌏 A map of places I've checked in on Earth.

  •    Javascript

A map of places I've checked in on Earth. Data powered by Foursquare. Map powered by Mapbox. Vector maps are from djaiss/mapsicon and Sn3b/mapsicon.

foursquarego - Foursquare API client written in golang

  •    Go

Foursquarego is a simple Go package for accessing theFoursquare API. If you find any errors please create an issue, the foursquare API has different types even for things with the same name.

learning-social-media-analytics-with-r - This repository contains code and bonus content which will be added from time to time for the book "Learning Social Media Analytics with R" by Packt

  •    R

The book will also cover several practical real-world use cases on social media using R and its advanced packages to utilize data science methodologies such as sentiment analysis, topic modeling, text summarization, recommendation systems, social network analysis, classification, and clustering. This will enable readers to learn different hands-on approaches to obtain data from diverse social media sources such as Twitter and Facebook. It will also show readers how to establish detailed workflows to process, visualize, and analyze data to transform social data into actionable insights.

react-native-foursquare-api - react-native wrapper for foursquare api using fetch

  •    Javascript

This is currently a wrapper on the foursquare v2 API (https://api.foursquare.com/v2).

node-red-web-nodes - A collection of node-red nodes aimed at web services

  •    Javascript

This repository acts as an overall store for these nodes - and is not intended as a way to install them - unless you really do want some development. These nodes are separated into individual npms and available to install from npm.

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