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Simple Machines Forum - Elegant, Effective and Powerful

  •    PHP

Simple Machines Forum (SMF) is a free, professional grade software package that allows you to set up your own online community within minutes. Its powerful template engine provides a unique look and feel to the site.

flaskbb - A classic Forum Software in Python using Flask.

  •    Python

FlaskBB is a Forum Software written in Python using the micro framework Flask. Feel free to checkout it's feature on our testing instance over at test.flaskbb.org. You can use the demo user (demo//demo) to avoid the registration process.

mvcforum - MVCForum is a fully featured responsive and themeable ASP

  •    Javascript

MVCForum is a fully featured and themeable enterprise level ASP.NET MVC 5 discussion board/forum. The software has features similar to that seen on StackOverFlow plus LOTS more (See list below). Along with MVC it’s built using Unity & Entity Framework 6 code first and is super easy to extend and add your own features.

SMF2.1 - Thoughts, Ideas and bits of code for SMF (2.1)

  •    PHP

This is a SMF 2.1 development repository. The software is licensed under BSD 3-clause license. Contributions to documentation are licensed under CC-by-SA 3. Third party libraries or sets of images, are under their own licenses.

djangobb - DjangoBB mirror

  •    Python

DjangoBB is a quick and simple forum which uses the Django Framework (written in Python language). Abbreviation DjangoBB stands for Django Bulletin Board. DjangoBB is distributed under the BSD license. At the current stage of development the main object is the functional implementation of the PunBB forum, in the sequel it is projected to expand it significantly.

spotweb - Decentralized community

  •    PHP

Spotweb is a decentralized usenet community based on the Spotnet protocol. Spotweb requires an operational webserver with PHP5 installed, it uses either an MySQL or an PostgreSQL database to store it's contents in.

NoNonsenseForum - A free, open source, PHP-based simple discussion forum

  •    PHP

A free, open source, PHP-based simple discussion forum. It favours removing barriers to conversation rather than massaging egos. Download Here: https://github.com/Kroc/NoNonsenseForum/archive/master.zip

Elkarte - ElkArte Forum. A free, open source, PHP-based discussion forum.

  •    PHP

This is the ElkArte repository.ElkArte is a modern, free, powerful community building forum software. It is completely free and licensed with an open source BSD 3-clause license.

Dialogue - Forum package for Umbraco v7.1 onwards

  •    Javascript

Dialogue is a forum/bulletin board Umbraco 7.1 upwards. It is a semi port of MVCForum and has some features similar to Stack Overflow.It's built to use Umbraco API's as much as possible, but also relies on Entity Framework v6.1 for dealing with the main forum.

sugar - Totally sweet Ruby on Rails-based forum software

  •    Ruby

Sugar is a modern open-source forum optimized for performance and usability, written in Ruby on Rails. SQLite is supported, but you probably want PostgreSQL or MySQL for production use.

discourse-compose - Discourse for docker compose and rancher compose

  •    Shell

A set of tools for docker were shipped with offical Discourse docker release. It do many things for user to check if Discourse can run correctly in docker and run correctly. The main shortcoming of offical release is rebuilding, rebuilding, rebuilding. Anything changed must rebuild Discourse image. Rebuilding would take a so long time and our forum can't serve our users while rebuilding. It is not acceptable for our site.

revel - [W

  •    Javascript

Revel is an elegant forum or knowledge sharing system base on NodeJS especially VueJS.

alpaca - A swift, lightweight forum system

  •    PHP

It is unstable and still developing, so we are not recommend to deploy it in your project. This script just helps you to download and initial structure, you also following steps beginning Setup 2 below.

forum - A basic Django forum app with metaposts; uses redis for stats/tracking

  •    Python

This is a basic forum application which is usable by itself as a standalone project and should eventually be usable as a pluggable application in any Django project. Bog-standard layout - Sections → Forums → Topics.

nodebb-theme-rocket-redux - A theme with a card-based design for NodeBB forums. Mobile enabled.

  •    Javascript

A theme with a card-based design for NodeBB forums. Mobile enabled. The "redux" version is the original rocket theme re-written with the Persona theme as a base. Thanks to Edi Gil for the homepage newsfeed design.

Luna - Luna is an easy and beautiful solution to build your own board.

  •    PHP

Luna is an open source board software web app released under the GPLv2 license. Our vision is to bring you a small (in size) and light forum solution and to provide an experience that is both desktop-first and mobile-first, as many seem to forget about the first one. Luna is the successor to ModernBB, one of the first forum software projects to provide a full featured build-in mobile experience without compromises. Luna supports updating from all versions of FluxBB since 1.4.0, all versions of ModernBB and - of course - all previous Luna versions.

RubyBB - A free and open source Ruby on Rails forum software under BSD license

  •    Ruby

Keep -E production in development mode. Copyright (c) 2012, Julien Grillot. All rights reserved.

mybb2 - The repository for the MyBB 2 forum software. Not to be used on live boards.

  •    PHP

This repository holds the source files for MyBB 2, the upcoming major version of MyBB. MyBB is the free and open source, intuitive, extensible, and incredibly powerful forum software you've been looking for. MyBB 2 is not yet stable and should not be used on live boards in any situation. Support is not provided for MyBB 2 until it is officially released as a stable product and any issues regarding basic support will be closed immediately. If you are not an experienced developer or administrator, this repository is probably not aimed at you.

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