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busboy - A streaming parser for HTML form data for node.js

  •    Javascript

A node.js module for parsing incoming HTML form data.file(< string >fieldname, < ReadableStream >stream, < string >filename, < string >transferEncoding, < string >mimeType) - Emitted for each new file form field found. transferEncoding contains the 'Content-Transfer-Encoding' value for the file stream. mimeType contains the 'Content-Type' value for the file stream.

multer - Node.js middleware for handling `multipart/form-data`.

  •    Javascript

Multer is a node.js middleware for handling multipart/form-data, which is primarily used for uploading files. It is written on top of busboy for maximum efficiency. NOTE: Multer will not process any form which is not multipart (multipart/form-data).

frisbee - :dog2: Modern fetch-based alternative to axios/superagent/request

  •    Javascript

tldr; Stripe-inspired API wrapper for WHATWG's fetch() method for making simple HTTP requests (alternative to superagent, request, axios).If you're using node-fetch, you need node-fetch@v1.5.3 to use form-data with files properly (due to https://github.com/bitinn/node-fetch/issues/102) If you experience form file upload issues, please see https://github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/7564#issuecomment-266323928.

dicer - A very fast streaming multipart parser for node.js

  •    Javascript

A very fast streaming multipart parser for node.js.Benchmarks can be found here.

streaming-form-data - Streaming Python parser for multipart/form-data

  •    HTML

streaming_form_data provides a Python parser for parsing multipart/form-data input chunks. Chunk size is determined by the API user, but currently there are no restrictions on what the size should be, since the parser works byte-by-byte. Although, this also means that passing the entire input as a single chunk should also work. The main entry point is the StreamingFormDataParser class, which expects a dictionary of request headers.

multipart.cr - MIME multipart and multipart/form-data support for Crystal

  •    Crystal

Shard which adds multipart support to crystal's stdlib. See the docs for code examples.

JSONFormData - HTML JSON form submission polyfill

  •    Javascript

HTML JSON form submission polyfill based on W3C HTML JSON form submission unofficial draft. This is an early stage project.

qs - Go module for encoding structs into URL query parameters

  •    Go

Package sonh/qs encodes structs into url.Values. Package qs exports NewEncoder() function to create an encoder.

formstream - multipart/form-data encoded stream, helper for file upload.

  •    Javascript

A multipart/form-data encoded stream, helper for file upload. Create a form instance.

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