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cakephp - CakePHP: The Rapid Development Framework for PHP - Official Repository

  •    PHP

CakePHP is a rapid development framework for PHP which uses commonly known design patterns like Associative Data Mapping, Front Controller, and MVC. Our primary goal is to provide a structured framework that enables PHP users at all levels to rapidly develop robust web applications, without any loss to flexibility. If you’ve found a security issue in CakePHP, please use the following procedure instead of the normal bug reporting system. Instead of using the bug tracker, mailing list or IRC please send an email to security [at] cakephp.org. Emails sent to this address go to the CakePHP core team on a private mailing list.

laravel-form-builder - Laravel Form builder for version 5!

  •    PHP

Form builder for Laravel 5 inspired by Symfony's form builder. With help of Laravels FormBuilder class creates forms that can be easy modified and reused. By default it supports Bootstrap 3. For Laravel 4 version check laravel4-form-builder.

Chatform - Turn your survey into a conversation on any messaging app

  •    Javascript

Create surveys or forms and gather responses using: Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Twilio SMS, LINE Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Twitter DM, Web Chat, e-mail, and in-app chat on iOS and Android. Download responses to your forms and surveys as a CSV file: easily import these responses into Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers and loads of other software.

TellForm - Form Builder, Alternative to TypeForm or Google Forms

  •    Javascript

TellForm is a free, opensource form builder similar to Google Forms or TypeForm that can create stunning forms for recruiting, market research and more.

DotNetNuke® Form and List


DotNetNuke® Form and List (formerly User Defined Table) is a rich module for creating / managing custom tables with input validation, various field types, etc

bootstrap-form - Bootstrap 3 form builder for Laravel

  •    PHP

This is a package for simply creating Bootstrap 3 styled form groups in Laravel 5. It extends the normal form builder to provide you with horizontal form groups completed with labels, error messages and appropriate class usage. Simply use the BootstrapForm facade in the place of the Form facade when you want to generate a Bootstrap 3 form group.

ui - Build beautiful dynamic and interactive web UI in PHP

  •    PHP

Universal and Open-Source PHP framework providing you with wide range of "UI Components" - CRUD, Wizard, Form, Table, Menu, ProgressBar, AutoComplete and many more. Any component can be invoked from pure PHP and integrated into legacy, open-source PHP apps or framework. A most common use for Agile UI is building "Admin Interface", "Signup Wizard" or even "SaaS Web App UI" where a consistent UI needs to be built with minimum effort.

ember-formly - JavaScript powered forms for Ember

  •    Javascript

The aim isn't to fully duplicate angular-formly's functionality, but instead to propose a new & simplified mechanism for automating form creation by using patterns like components (instead of custom directives) while keeping some key concepts like model and fields. For more information on using ember-cli, visit http://ember-cli.com/.

Formulary - Declarative iOS TableView Forms in Swift

  •    Swift

Formulary is a Swift library for creating dynamic, declarative, table view forms for iOS. Formulary is in early stages of design and development, so if you jump in now, you can have a big impact on its design, power, and utility.

grav-plugin-form - Grav Form Plugin

  •    HTML

The form plugin for Grav adds the ability to create and use forms. This is currently used extensively by the admin and login plugins. The form plugin is easy to install with GPM.

aurelia-formio - Form.io JSON Forms and Form Builder for Aurelia

  •    TypeScript

To install this within your application, type the following. Now, within your application configuration, register this plugin as follows.

form-builder - PHP表单生成器,快速生成现代化的form表单。包含复选框、单选框、输入框、下拉选择框等元素以及,省市区三级联动,时间选择,日期选择,颜色选择,文件/图片上传等功能。

  •    PHP


form-create - 具有数据收集、校验和提交功能的表单生成器,包含复选框、单选框、输入框、下拉选择框等元素以及,省市区三级联动,时间选择,日期选择,颜色选择,文件/图片上传功能。

  •    Javascript


react-form-for - An expressive and intuitive form builder for React in the style of Rails' form_for

  •    Javascript

Note the use of the important props value, onChange and label which are provided by the form builder. Other props such as help are passed through from the <Field /> proxy components used above. ⚠️ This module is pretty new and might have some bugs, please file an issue if you encounter any problems.

react-native-form-builder - Handle your forms in a smart way

  •    Javascript

If you're looking for a better form management library with more advanced features, Please check out React Reactive Form. Currently, these methods are available in FormBuilder, you can access them by using ref property.

react-reactive-form - Angular like reactive forms in React.

  •    Javascript

It's a library inspired by the Angular's Reactive Forms, which allows to create a tree of form control objects in the component class and bind them with native form control elements. You can also create controls without even initializing the group control object with the help of new react form components ( FieldGroup, FieldControl, FieldArray).

purescript-lynx - An experimental library for dynamic forms.

  •    PureScript

After building the application and running the database, navigate to .html to see a form constructed with the DSL, saved to the database, and then run. The project relies on json-server to mock dynamic forms being loaded and saved to the database, parcel for bundling and building the JS, and psc-package for package management.

FormEditor - A form builder editor for Umbraco 7 - let your editors build forms easily with this free package

  •    CSharp

Form Editor is a free and open source form builder plugin for Umbraco 7.3+. It lets your editors build forms and manage form submissions as just another part of the Umbraco content. It might also just be the easiest form builder you've ever had to integrate with your site. If you're new to Form Editor, you should probably start by checking out the Quick start tutorial.

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