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github-remove-forks - Remove all forked repositories

  •    Javascript

Returns a promise for an Array with the removed repositories.Token to authenticate with. If you don't have a token you can generate a new one here.

delete-github-forks - 🍴 Delete your GitHub forks in two simple steps!

  •    Javascript

Delete your forked GitHub repositories easily in two steps. Note: Node 8+ is required because some new language features are used.

active-forks - Find active github forks of a repo https://git.io/vSnrC

  •    Javascript

This project allows you to find the most active forks of a repository.

remove-github-forks - Clean your useless GitHub forks

  •    Javascript

If you contribute to many projects on GitHub, your profile is full of temporary forks that are only useful while the pull request is open. After that there is no reason to keep the fork. This tool will delete all such forks. And if there’s any commits in the fork that have not yet been merged upstream, the fork will be kept, of course. For the extra peace of mind, the tool will ask you to confirm the forks it plans to delete. To allow the library access to a GitHub account, one needs an OAuth token. Create a new token with permissions public_repo, delete_repo. (include repo as well if you want to allow access to private repositories), and pass it to the library.

repos - Pull down a list of GitHub repos for the given user or org, and save to a local JSON file.

  •    Javascript

Tiny wrapper around github-base for getting publicly available information for a repository, or all of the repositories for one or more users or orgs, from the GitHub API. Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

guldkorn - Tool for finding interesting forks of projects on GitHub.

  •    Go

Poesi för döda fiskar. The guldkorn tools locates forks with divergent commits or commits ahead of the original repository.

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