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Fomantic-UI - Fomantic-UI is a community fork of Semantic-UI

  •    Javascript

A community fork of the popular Semantic-UI framework. EDIT: Lots has changed since we started this project and we are now starting the development of FUI v3. You can read more about the > v3 proposals here.

Fork-Awesome - A fork of the iconic font and CSS toolkit (Font-Awesome 4.7)

  •    CSS

Fork Awesome is a full suite of 718 pictographic icons for easy scalable vector graphics on websites, originally created by Dave Gandy and now maintained by a community. Following concerns regarding the development of Font Awesome, the PR Freeze since Oct 2016 and the direction Fort Awesome is taking with the version 5.0 of their project, we are forking Font Awesome (4.7), in order to build on this incredible tool Dave Gandy has given us, while at the same time allowing this project to be run by a distributed community of contributors.

sympact - 🔥 Simple stupid CPU/MEM "Profiler" for your JS code.

  •    Javascript

🔥 An easy way to calculate the 'impact' of running a task in Node.JS Coded with ❤️ by Simone Primarosa. Sympact runs a script and profiles its execution time, CPU usage, and memory usage. Sympact then returns an execution report containing the averages of the results.

webworkify - launch a web worker that can require() in the browser with browserify

  •    Javascript

Return a new web worker from the module at modulePath. The file at modulePath should export its worker code in module.exports as a function that will be run with no arguments.

threads.js - Easy to use, yet powerful multi-threading library for node.js and the browser.

  •    Javascript

Javascript thread library. Uses web workers when run in browsers and child processes when run by node.js. Also supports browsers which do not support web workers.You don't have to write the thread's code inline. The file is expected to be a commonjs module (so something that uses module.exports = ...), for node and browser.

child-pool - child_process pool implementation

  •    Javascript

child_process pool implementation

inSecure-SHell - A telnet like client/server application using pseudo-terminals (pty) that runs a Bash shell session on the remote server

  •    C

A telnet like client/server application using pseudo-terminals (pty) that runs a Bash shell session on the remote server. [fork,forkpty,select,epoll,ipv6]

fork-stream - Fork a stream in multiple directions according to a function

  •    Javascript

Fork a stream in multiple directions according to a function. fork-stream basically gives you conditional branching for streams. You supply the logic, fork-stream supplies the streaming.

daemonic - A dead-simple module to daemonize a node. No compilation required.

  •    Javascript

A dead-simple module to daemonize your node process. No compilation required.Copyright (c) 2012, Christopher Jeffrey (MIT License).

level-forks - create a forking graph of cascading leveldb namespaces

  •    Javascript

Create a new instance forks from a levelup or leveldown handle db.Options from opts are passed to levelup so you can set things like opts.valueEncoding and opts.keyEncoding.

forkdb - forking content-addressed append-only historical key/value blob store over leveldb

  •    Javascript

Conflicts are unavoidable, particularly when latency is high. Instead of hiding that fundamental fact or going into a conflict panic mode that demands an immediate resolution, forkdb anticipates and welcomes conflicts.Interfaces built on forkdb should be honest about the underlying data model and embrace conflicts too.

gulp-flatMap - process all the files in a gulp-stream individually

  •    Javascript

The flatmap method takes one argument, a function. This function is called once for each file piped to flatmap and is passed a stream as its first argument and the vinyl file as its second argument. The stream contains only one file. You can now pipe this stream through as many steps as you want, before returning it from the function. All the streams returned from flatmap will be combined and their contents will be emited by flatmap.

node-spawn-async - spawn child processes asynchronously

  •    Javascript

While Node's child_process module makes it convenient to execute shell commands from Node programs, doing so even occasionally in an otherwise busy server process can result in significant latency bubbles. Besides that, forking a Node server with a large heap just to exec some other program causes a significant amount of additional swap to be used, which is problematic in low-memory environments. This module provides an interface for spawning new processes using a worker process to do the actual fork/exec. This worker process itself is spawned when create a Worker object, and you should do this only once when you initialize the server. Details: Node implements spawn() and related functions synchronously in the main thread, waiting not only for the fork(2) to complete (which itself can take many milliseconds, and requires waiting for all other threads to stop), but also for the child process to exit(3c) or exec(2). While workloads that make excessive use of fork(2) are hardly high-performance to begin with, the behavior of blocking the main thread for hundreds of milliseconds each time is unnecessarily pathological for otherwise reasonable workloads.

coffee - Test command line on nodejs

  •    Javascript

Test command line on Node.js. Coffee is useful for test command line in test frammework (like Mocha).

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