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alfred-font-awesome-workflow - :tophat: Font Awesome Workflow for Alfred 3

  •    Go

You can incrementally search for Font Awesome icons and paste it to front most app. 💎 See also: Font Awesome Workflow with Sketch 3 — QuickCast.

wp-menu-icons - Easily add icons to your nav menu items.

  •    PHP

Spice up your navigation menus with pretty icons, easily.This plugin gives you the ability to add icons to your menu items, similar to the look of the latest dashboard menu.

core - Zikula Core Framework

  •    PHP

Zikula Core is an Application Framework which extends Symfony 3.x and includes technologies fostering a dynamic modular development paradigm and Twig-based theming system which allows for rapid website and application development. See the Features document for more information. Zikula also features an MDSD tool for rapid prototyping and module development called ModuleStudio or MOST.

cover2 - A content-driven blogging theme for WordPress. Successor to the Cover theme.

  •    PHP

Cover2 is a content-driven blogging theme for WordPress. Built on top of Automattic's Underscores, Cover2 allows you to focus on your writing. There are no sidebars to mess with, just a single column view of your content. When you use a featured image, it displays as a full-screen background image behind the title.

fate - Browse FontAawesome icons from your shell

  •    Python

fate is a simple CLI program which let's you browse FontAwesome icons on your terminal. Note : Python3+ only.

jekyll-font-awesome-sass - A plugin to add Font Awesome to your Jekyll site

  •    Ruby

A plugin to add the FontAwesome::Sass framework to your Jekyll site. When your site is built, Jekyll will automatically add the Font Awesome framework before it renders your site's css. In the above example, the resulting file would be assets/style.css with Font Awesome's CSS followed by your own.