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oriDomi - Fold up DOM elements like paper

  •    CoffeeScript

Visit oridomi.com for examples, documentation and notes. Read the annotated source for a detailed look.

react-native-foldview - FoldView implemented in JavaScript ⛱

  •    Javascript

FoldingCell implementation in JavaScript. This project was inspired by the folding cell animation seen on Dribbble. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @jmurzy.

orthogami - Orthogonal polyhedra origami

  •    Javascript

If you want to try making a Mario yourself, here is a PDF in A4 format. This module works in any reasonable CommonJS environment (includes node.js and browserify). You can also use it with the voxel critter creator (select "Export Orthogami").

Rocannon - Vim for Ansible playbooks: omni-completion, abbreviations, syntax, folding, K-docs, and colorscheme

  •    VimL

Command the Ansible, Relish the Rainbow. Never visit the Ansible docs again. Ansible is a unique DSL with semantics way beyond an editor’s simple built-in YAML treatment. Thus, Ansible files need a totally different type of syntax highlighting — and of course completion of actions and their args.

Accordion - Silky-smooth accordion widgets with no external dependencies.

  •    Javascript

Silky-smooth accordion widgets with no external dependencies. The base stylesheet is located at src/accordion.css. Embed it into your application's existing styling, tweaking it if desired.

much - Pager with code folding for JavaScript source code

  •    Javascript

much — pager with depth support. Fold JavaScript functions, objects and blocks interactively in the pager.

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