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delorean - An Agnostic, Complete Flux Architecture Framework

  •    Javascript

DeLorean is a tiny Flux pattern implementation.You can read the tutorial to get started DeLorean.js with your favorite framework.

fluxxor - :hammer_and_wrench: Flux architecture tools for React

  •    Javascript

Fluxxor is a set of tools to aid in developing React applications with the Flux architecture. Fluxxor is available on npm and works with module bundlers like Browserify and Webpack.

Dispatch - Multi-store Flux implementation in Swift.

  •    Swift

Dispatch is a lightweight, operation based, multi-store Flux implementation in Swift. Dispatch is a Flux-like implementation of the unidirectional data flow architecture in Swift. Flux applications have three major parts: the dispatcher, the stores, and the views.

fluxiny - ~1K implementation of flux architecture

  •    Javascript

Flux architecture implemented in ~100 lines of code. Flux is an architectural design pattern for building user interfaces. It was introduced by Facebook at their F8 conference. Since then, lots of companies adopted the idea and it seems like a good pattern for building front-end apps. Flux is very often used with React. Another library released by Facebook. I myself use React+Flux in my daily job and I could say that the simplicity is one of the main benefits. This combination helps creating apps faster and at the same time keeps the code well organized. This library is a result of my experience using the pattern. I'm a big fan of simple and small, almost vanilla written JavaScript libraries. So, Fluxiny is created in the same manner.

t-redux - A minimal implementation of react-redux pattern

  •    Javascript

This is a mini library that implements the Redux pattern. Useful if you don't need all the stuff that the redux framework gives you. Build the reducers map. The map is composed by an action type and a reducer function. The reducer function is f: (state, action) -> state The state is changed applying the action type reducer.

smitty - Tiny flux implementation built on mitt

  •    Javascript

initialState: any required: Determines the shape and initial state of your store. Can be of any type that you choose. [string], type determines which reducers are called.

firedux - :fire: :hatching_chick: Firebase + Redux for ReactJS

  •    Javascript

Firedux (fiery·ducks) wraps the Firebase JavaScript API to dispatch Redux actions that optimisically & immediately read/write to an in-memory subset of your data from Firebase, then asynchronously pull & push data in the background. Also supports some authentication methods and actions.


  •    Kotlin

This is a proof of concept app for using Conductor, Dagger, ButterKnife, and Fluxion together. The result is a Flux architecture app containing a single activity, no fragments, and utilizing dependency injection for the views and business logic.

hover - A very lightweight data store with action reducers and state change listeners.

  •    Javascript

A very lightweight data store with action reducers and state change listeners. You can use npm to install Hover, or download the raw file here.

rxloop - rxloop = Redux + redux-observable (Inspired by dva)

  •    Javascript

Predictable state container for JavaScript apps based on RxJS, like Redux with redux-observable middleware.

nanoflux - A very lightweight and dependency-free Flux implementation

  •    Javascript

nanoflux is a very lightweight (about 3.5 KiB minified, and 1.25 KiB gzipped) dependency-free Flux implementation. The idea of this implementation is to support a very small, but full Flux implementation (separated Action, Dispatcher, and Store), and also a "fluxy" version, with Action and Dispatcher merged in one unit.

nanoflux-fusion - Redux-like extension for Nanoflux

  •    Javascript

A Redux-like extension for Nanoflux. nanoflux-fusion is built on top of nanoflux, a quite efficient Flux implementation, and adopts the concept of reducer functions for application state management, making Flux even more comfortable.