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AnalyticsKit - Analytics framework for iOS

  •    Objective-C

The goal of AnalyticsKit is to provide a consistent API for analytics regardless of the provider. With AnalyticsKit, you just call one logging method and AnalyticsKit relays that logging message to each registered provider. AnalyticsKit works in both Swift and Objective-C projects. The following providers are included but not supported. YMMV.

Flurry-Unity-3D - Flurry iOS and Android plugin for Unity 3D.

  •    CSharp

It's free Flurry Analytics iOS and Android implementation for Unity 3D. You can also find cross-platform analytics implementation in Flurry.cs file.

cordova-plugin-flurry - Cordova plugin to support Flurry (analytics and advertisement)

  •    Objective-C

Present Flurry Ads in Mobile App/Games natively with single line of JavaScript. The APIs, Events and Options are detailed documented.

react-native-flurry-sdk - React Native Flurry SDK

  •    Java

By default, Flurry adds INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permissions to optimize analytics data. Please see Manual Flurry Android SDK Integration for the other recommended options.

react-native-flurry - React Native wrapper for Flurry

  •    Objective-C

Download Flurry iOS SDK and follow the instructions to integrate Flurry to your app. Please make sure the Flurry library is under project_root/ios/Flurry folder.

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