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ason - JSON in Java made easy! Catch less exceptions, serialize/deserialize with ease, plus some other useful tricks and conveniences!

  •    Java

This library intends to make JSON very easy to interact with in Java; it also makes (de)serialization painless.It wraps around the well-known org.json classes (JSONObject, JSONArray, etc.) which also happen to be included in the Android SDK. As we all know, those stock classes tend to be a pain. They feel bulky, and make you try/catch way too many Exceptions.

toolkit - User interface components built on React.

  •    Javascript

Titon Toolkit is a collection of very powerful user interface components built on React. Components in Titon follow the presentational paradigm, which provide full control of how, where, and why components are rendered. Functionality within a component, like jumping to the next slide in a carousel, or toggling a menu, is possible through contexts -- a type of public API.

vue-grid-layout - A draggable and resizable grid layout, for Vue.js.

  •    Vue

This is the initial layout of the grid. The value must be an Array of Object items. Each item must have i, x, y, w and h proprties. Please refer to GridItem documentation below for more informations.

react-grid-layout - A draggable and resizable grid layout with responsive breakpoints, for React.

  •    Javascript

React-Grid-Layout is a grid layout system much like Packery or Gridster, for React. Unlike those systems, it is responsive and supports breakpoints. Breakpoint layouts can be provided by the user or autogenerated.

fluid-interfaces - Natural gestures and animations inspired by Apple's WWDC18 talk "Designing Fluid Interfaces"

  •    Swift

It was an outstanding talk, inspiring designers and developers to think about animated interfaces in a new way. While some technical guidance was provided, most code-level implementation details were ommitted. The goal with this project is to bridge the gap between inspiration and implementation.

fitty - ✨ Makes text fit perfectly

  •    Javascript

Scales up (or down) text so it fits perfectly to its parent container. Ideal for flexible and responsive websites.

reframe.js - 🖼 Reframe unresponsive elements responsively.

  •    Javascript

Elements that have been wrapped with reframe will not be wrapped twice. Reframe.js wraps a specified element in a div that is an intrinsic ratio of the original element. This plugin is great for embedded content like iframes or videos.

react-native-magic-move - Create magical move transitions between scenes in react-native 🐰🎩✨

  •    Javascript

A follow up project called react-native-shared-element has been created which can be considered the successor to react-native-magic-move. It it an all native solution that provides superior performance (no more passes over the react-native bridge) and transitions. It however does not support some of the more exotic transition types (flip, shrinkAndGrow) that Magic Move does. It also doesn't support the web-platform yet and requires native extensions to run. New users are advised to use react-native-shared-element when possible. As for Magic Move, no more new developments will be started for Magic Move, merely critical bug-fixes. This notification will be updated as development on react-native-shared-element progresses. * The native extensions are recommended to get the best performance, but they are not required. This makes it possible to use react-native-magic-move with expo or react-native-web. If you're having trouble installing the native extensions, please see this guide on how to install them manually.

OpenLB - Library for Lattice Boltzmann Simulations

  •    C++

OpenLB is a C++ library for the implementation of lattice Boltzmann simulations which addresses a vast range of problems in computational fluid dynamics. The package is mainly intended as a programming support for researchers and engineers who simulate fluid flows by means of a lattice Boltzmann method.


  •    JQuery

A Responsive jQuery Modal, that is vertically and horizontally centered using only CSS.

mesa - simple elegant sql for nodejs

  •    CoffeeScript

mesa is a moving target. we are using it in production and it grows and changes with the challenges it helps us solve.this documentation does not yet represent everything that is possible with mesa. feel free to look at the code. it's just around 600 lines.

autoloaded - Eliminates the drudgery of handcrafting an `autoload` statement for each Ruby source code file in your project

  •    Ruby

If you like the Module#autoload feature of the Ruby Core library, you may have wished for Autoloaded. It eliminates the drudgery of handcrafting an autoload statement for each Ruby source code file in your project. It also avoids the limitations of rigid convention-driven facilities such as those provided by the ActiveSupport RubyGem. Autoloaded assumes, but does not enforce, CamelCase-to-snake_case correspondence between the names of constants and source files. You can combine conventions, even putting multiple autoloaded constants in a single source file.

docs-inclusive-learning - Documentation website for the Inclusive Learning Design Handbook - handbook

  •    HTML

This project contains the content needed to build and deploy a copy of the Inclusive Learning Design Handbook. It is based off of the Fluid docs-template project. Conflicts may occur when merging in changes from docs-template to your custom site. Manually resolve each conflict.

chartAuthoring - A tool for authoring accessible charts for the web.

  •    Javascript

A tool for authoring accessible charts for the web. Including a sonified (audio) version of the chart. The Fluid community is an international group of designers, developers, and testers who focus on a common mission: improving the user experience and accessibility of the open web.

guide.inclusivedesign.ca - The source files for content for the Inclusive Design Guide.

  •    HTML

This project contains the content related to the Inclusive Design Guides. The HTML content is generated with docpad and uses the docs-template project as its template.

patternlab-fluid-edition - Pattern Lab Fluid Edition

  •    Javascript

This package is an edition of Pattern Lab for the TYPO3 Fluid template engine. Please note: The Pattern Lab Fluid edition exclusively uses Composer to manage project dependencies. No pre-built packages are available - the application can only be installed with Composer.

typo3-cms-fluid-precompiler - TYPO3 Fluid Template Compiling / Analysis tool

  •    PHP

Command line tool which scans your TYPO3 site for and compiles without rendering, Fluid template files. Simply put, warms up the Fluid template cache by parsing and compiling all templates without rendering them. Also functions as a basic linting utility - any errors automatically cause the template to be uncompilable and the parsing-specific extension message such as "undeclared arguments passed to ViewHelper" is presented as failure message.

fluid_sim - Flashy 2D fluid simulations experiments.

  •    C

An implementation of the article "Fast Fluid Dynamics Simulation on the GPU", using C++ and OpenGL 3.3. This implementation implements the "advection", and "projection" steps from the article. The "diffusion" and "boundary conditions" steps of the article are not implemented. Finally, note that the primary focus was on making flashy simulations, and not on physical realism. The only dependencies are GLFW and stb_image. Both of which are included within this repository.

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