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msgpack-lite - Fast Pure JavaScript MessagePack Encoder and Decoder / msgpack.org[JavaScript]

  •    Javascript

A CLI tool bin/msgpack converts data stream from JSON to MessagePack and vice versa. Browser version msgpack.min.js is also available. 50KB minified, 14KB gziped.

log-pilot - Collect logs for docker containers

  •    Go

log-pilot is an awesome docker log tool. With log-pilot you can collect logs from docker hosts and send them to your centralized log system such as elasticsearch, graylog2, awsog and etc. log-pilot can collect not only docker stdout but also log file that inside docker containers. Then access kibana under the tips. You will find that tomcat's has been collected and sended to kibana.

Fluent Bit - Fast and Lightweight Logs and Metrics processor

  •    C

Fluent Bit is a fast Log Processor and Forwarder, it allows to collect log events or metrics from different sources, process them and deliver them to different backends such as Fluentd, Elasticsearch, Splunk, DataDog, Kafka, New Relic, Azure services, AWS services, Google services, NATS, InfluxDB or any custom HTTP end-point. It also comes with full SQL Stream Processing capabilities: data manipulation and analytics using SQL queries.

fluentd-ui - Web UI for Fluentd

  •    Ruby

fluentd-ui is a browser-based fluentd and td-agent manager that supports following operations. Also you need a phantomjs for test.

fluentd-docker-image - Docker image for Fluentd

  •    Shell

v1.1 is for fluentd v1.1.x releases. This is current stable. v0.12 is for fluentd v0.12.x releases. This is old stable. v1.x is built on top of v0.14 so we stop v0.14 update. If you use v0.14 image before, use v1.x image instead.

fluent-logger-python - A structured logger for Fluentd (Python)

  •    Python

Many web/mobile applications generate huge amount of event logs (c,f. login, logout, purchase, follow, etc). To analyze these event logs could be really valuable for improving the service. However, the challenge is collecting these logs easily and reliably. Fluentd solves that problem by having: easy installation, small footprint, plugins, reliable buffering, log forwarding, etc.

fluentd - Log shipping mechanism for Deis Workflow

  •    Ruby

Deis (pronounced DAY-iss) is an open source PaaS that makes it easy to deploy and manage applications on your own servers. Deis builds on Kubernetes to provide a lightweight, Heroku-inspired workflow.This is an centos7 based image for running fluentd. It is built for the purpose of running on a kubernetes cluster.

fluency - Yet another fluent logger

  •    Java

Yet another fluentd logger.

fluentular - :memo: Fluentular is a Fluentd regular expression editor

  •    Ruby

You can use Dockerrun.aws.json when creating a new environment.

fluentd-plugin-mdsd - Azure Linux monitoring agent (mdsd) output plugin for fluentd

  •    C++

This is fluentd output plugin for Azure Linux monitoring agent (mdsd). Mdsd is the Linux logging infrastructure for Azure services. It connects various log outputs to Azure monitoring service (Geneva warm path).The mdsd output plugin is a buffered fluentd plugin.

aws-fluent-plugin-kinesis - Fluent Plugin for Amazon Kinesis

  •    Ruby

Also, there is a documentation on Fluentd official site.Note: This README is for v2.x. If you use v1.x, see the old README.

fluent-plugin-cloudwatch-logs - CloudWatch Logs Plugin for Fluentd

  •    Ruby

This plugin uses fluent-mixin-config-placeholders and you can use addtional variables such as %{hostname}, %{uuid}, etc. These variables are useful to put hostname in log_stream_name.

fluent-plugin-ec2-metadata - Fluentd output plugin to add Amazon EC2 metadata into messages

  •    Ruby

The following is an example for a minimal IAM policy needed to ReadOnlyAccess to EC2.

fluent-plugin-azure-loganalytics - Azure Log Analytics output plugin for Fluentd

  •    Ruby

Azure Log Analytics output plugin for Fluentd. The plugin aggregates semi-structured data in real-time and writes the buffered data via HTTPS request to Azure Log Analytics. Once you have the workspace, get Workspace ID and Shared Key (either Primary Key or Secondary Key), which are needed by Log Analytics HTTP Data Collector API to post the data to Log Analytics.

fluent-plugin-documentdb - Azure DocumentDB output plugin for Fluentd

  •    Ruby

[NEWS] From fluent-plugin-documentdb-0.2.0, it supports partitioned collections, not only single-partition collections (See Partitioning and scaling in Azure DocumentDB for partitioned collections and single-partition collection ). fluent-plugin-documentdb will add id attribute which is UUID format and any other attributes of record automatically. In addition, it will add time and tag attributes if add_time_field and add_tag_field are true respectively. Please see 2 types of the plugin configurations example below - single-parition collection and partitioned collection. Source for fluentd to read is apache access log.

kafka-connect-fluentd - Kafka Connect for Fluentd

  •    Java

kafka-connect-fluentd is a Kafka Connector for copying data between Kafka and Fluentd. kafka-connect-fluentd can be alternative to fluent-plugin-kafka. You can download and install kafka-connect-fluentd from Maven Central.

fluent-plugin-anonymizer - Fluentd filter output plugin to anonymize records with MD5/SHA1/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512 algorithms

  •    Ruby

Fluentd filter plugin to anonymize records with OpenSSL::Digest of MD5/SHA1/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512 algorithms. This data masking plugin protects privacy data such as UserID, Email, Phone number, IPv4/IPv6 address and so on. This sample result has made with the above configuration into "fluent.conf".

fluent-plugin-pagerduty - Fluentd Output plugin to replay alert notification for PagerDuty.

  •    Ruby

Fluentd Output plugin to relay alert notification from application to PagerDuty. In this example, a JSON record already conforming to the PagerDuty API is processed by Fluentd and passed through to PagerDuty as-is, triggering a simple alert.

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