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  •    DotNet

Fluentx is a library helps developers to achieve C# control statements by using methods, and more helper methods of daily use.

Fluent WebRequest

  •    CSharp

A simple wrapper of WebRequest class using Fluent style

TNValidate - A Fluent Validation Library for .NET


TNValidate is a fluent validation library for .Net. It enables you to write validation logic in a way that somewhat resembles natural language. TNValidate comes with built in rules for different types of data, can generate errors in a couple of languages, and is extensible.

PivotalTrack Fluent API


Pivotal Tracker FluentAPI is C# API that uses the Fluent pattern to connect to the PivotalTracker REST API.


  •    CSharp

The Fluent.NET library introduces extension methods to make .NET code easier to read and more fluid to write.

Fluent Assertions


Fluent interface for writing .NET unit test assertions with more clarity than the traditional assertion syntax such as offered by MSTest, NUnit or XUnit.


  •    DotNet

Fabricator makes it easy to generate sample data during development of your .NET application whenever real data isn't available, takes a long time to access or has regular breaking changes.

php-underscore - PHP underscore inspired &/or cloned from _.js

  •    PHP

PHP underscore inspired &/or cloned from awesome _.js. A set of utilities and data manipulation helpers providing convenience functionalites to deal with array, list, hash, functions and so on in a neat elegant and OOP way. Guaranteed to save you tons of boiler plate codes when churning complex data collection. Requires PHP5.6 or later.

Xaml-Controls-Gallery - This app demonstrates the controls available in the Fluent Design System and Xaml

  •    CSharp

Shows all of the XAML controls in an interactive format. This app is the interactive companion to the Fluent Design Guidelines and shows the usage of both UWP Xaml APIs and Windows UI Toolkit APIs. Note The Windows universal samples require Visual Studio 2017 to build and Windows 10 to execute.

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