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mongo-driver - MongoDB driver for Fluent

  •    Swift

For more instructions, check out https://docs.mongodb.com/master/administration/install-community/. Creating a driver is done using the MongoDB Connection String URI Format. Initializing a MongoDriver such a URI will attempt a connection to MongoDB.

pagination - Simple Vapor 3 Pagination

  •    Swift

Pagination is based off of the Fluent 2 pagination system. Once you have done that, it's as simple as returning your query in paginated format.

postgresql-driver - PostgreSQL driver for Fluent

  •    Swift

A driver implementation for PostgreSQL + Fluent. Visit the Vapor web framework's documentation for instructions on how to use this package.

paginator - Offset pagination for Vapor ๐Ÿ—‚

  •    Swift

This package currently offers support for offset pagination on Array and QueryBuilder. Next, copy/paste the Resources/Views/Paginator folder into your project in order to be able to use the provided Leaf tags. These files can be changed as explained in the Leaf Tags section, however it's recommended to copy this folder to your project anyway. This makes it easier for you to keep track of updates and your project will work if you decide later on to not use your own customized leaf files.

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