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eslint-plugin-flowtype - Flow type linting rules for ESLint.

  •    Javascript

Flow type linting rules for ESLint. This plugin exports a recommended configuration that enforces Flow type good practices.

typescript-vs-flowtype - Differences between Flowtype and TypeScript -- syntax and usability


Both TypeScript and Flow are very similar products and they share most of their syntax with some important differences. In this document I've tried to compile the list of differences and similarities between Flowtype and TypeScript -- specifically the syntax, usage and usability. This document might be incomplete and/or contain mistakes and was last updated to describe TypeScript 3.0 and Flow 0.79.1.

Spectrum - Simple, powerful online communities

  •    Javascript

Spectrum aims to be the best platform to build any kind of community online by combining the best of web 2.0 forums and real-time chat apps. With best-in-class moderation tooling, a single platform for all your communities, threaded conversations by default, community health monitoring (and much more to come), we think that we will be able to help more people start and grow the best online communities.

babel-plugin-flow-react-proptypes - A babel plugin to generate React PropTypes definitions from Flow type declarations

  •    Javascript

A babel plugin to generate React PropTypes definitions from Flow type declarations. Starting in 14.0.0, we output ES6 import/export statements by default. The deadCode option (explained below) will cause it to use common.js modules instead.

plank - A tool for generating immutable model objects

  •    Swift

Plank is a command-line tool for generating robust immutable Objective-C models from JSON Schemas. It will save you time writing boilerplate and eliminate model errors as your application scales in complexity. Models are defined in JSON, a well-defined, extensible and language-independent specification.

flow-static-land - Implementation of common algebraic types in JavaScript + Flow

  •    Javascript

The idea (faking higher kinded types in Flow) is based on the paper Lightweight higher-kinded polymorphism and elm-brands.

funfix - Functional Programming Library for JavaScript, TypeScript and Flow ✨⚡️

  •    TypeScript

Funfix is a library of type classes and data types for Functional Programming in JavaScript, TypeScript and Flow. Inspired by Scala, Cats and Monix.

flow-remove-types - 🚿 Removes Flow type annotations from JavaScript files with speed and simplicity

  •    Javascript

Turn your JavaScript with Flow type annotations into standard JavaScript in an instant with no configuration and minimal setup. Flow provides static type checking to JavaScript which can both help find and detect bugs long before code is deployed and can make code easier to read and more self-documenting. The Flow tool itself only reads and analyzes code. Running code with Flow type annotations requires first removing the annotations which are non-standard JavaScript. Typically this is done via adding a plugin to your Babel configuration, however Babel may be overkill if you're only targetting modern versions of Node.js or just not using the modern ES2015 features that may not be in every browser.

flow-coverage-report - Generate flow coverage reports in JSON, HTML and in the console.

  •    Javascript

flow-coverage-report is a node command line tool to help projects which are using flow types in their JavaScript code to keep track and visualize the coverage of the flow types checks.

flow-ide - A full featured FlowType package for Atom Editor

  •    Javascript

Flow IDE is a lightweight package that provides IDE features for FlowType for Atom Editor. It's pretty lightweight and robust.This project is licensed under the terms of MIT License. Check the LICENSE file for more info.

lwjgl3-www - The LWJGL 3 website.

  •    Javascript

The website for LWJGL 3 is build with React. It is a single-page application with client-side routing. It installs a Service Worker in order to work offline.There is no server-side rendering because of hosting constraints.

react-brunch-demo - An ES6 React & Redux application compiled by Brunch and linted with Eslint.

  •    Javascript

This is a demo for a frontend application, powered by React & Redux, written in ES6, typed with Flow, tested with Jest and built with Brunch. Messages are extracted in ./intl/messages.

gear - 🛠 Experimental tool to bootstrap typed JavaScript code.

  •    Javascript

Bootstrap typed JavaScript projects in less than a minute or easily add types to untyped code. Built around Babel 7, Flow, babel-preset-env and functional type syntax.The tool is written using itself, so have a look at its own code if you are interested. type-check.js is quite a good example, for instance.