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integrations - Connect your App to Multiple Messaging Channels with the W3C Open standard.

  •    Javascript

Connect your App to Multiple Messaging Channels in a Single Integration with W3C Open standard. Broid Integrations is an open source project released by Broid that allows you to easily converse on all the major communication platforms (messaging & voice) without integrating each API.

spotify-hubot - Flowdock bot which adds linked Spotify tracks to a playlist

  •    Javascript

This bot listens for all spotify links in Flowdock and adds them to a Spotify playlist. Copy your Spotify application key to the base of the repository named as spotify_appkey.key. Get application key from here: https://developer.spotify.com/technologies/libspotify/#application-keys (choose binary, not C-code).

hubot-flowdock - Flowdock adapter for Hubot chat bot

  •    CoffeeScript

Flowdock is a web based collaboration and chat app. It integrates nicely with GitHub, Rally, Pivotal Tracker, Twitter, JIRA, Confluence, most CI systems and even email. Read about how to do ChatOps with Hubot. You should report any issues or submit any pull requests to the Flowdock adapter repository.

markdown-it-flowdock - flowdock #hashtags and @mentions plugin for markdown-it

  •    Javascript

flowdock hashtag (#tag), mentions (@user) and relaxed autolink plugin for markdown-it markdown parser.

node-flowdock - Flowdock client/API for node.js

  •    CoffeeScript

Flowdock Streaming client for node.js. Listen to messages from Flowdock in real-time and post new messages. Note that Flowdock.Session will emit errors, and if unhandled they will crash your application. If you want to just handle errors in the callbacks, attach an empty error handler to the instance.

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