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vizceral - WebGL visualization for displaying animated traffic graphs

  •    Javascript

Intuitive animated traffic graph visualization using webgl. If a graph of nodes and edges with data about traffic volume is provided, it will render a traffic graph animating the connection volume between nodes.

flow - Name UI states, navigate between them, remember where you've been.

  •    Java

Flow gives names to your Activity's UI states, navigates between them, and remembers where it's been. Navigate between UI states. Support the back button easily without confusing your users with surprising results. Remember the UI state, and its history, as you navigate and across configuration changes and process death. Manage resources with set-up/tear-down hooks invoked for each UI state. UI states can easily share resources, and they'll be disposed when no longer needed.

reactor-core - Non-Blocking Reactive Foundation for the JVM

  •    Java

Non-Blocking Reactive Streams Foundation for the JVM both implementing a Reactive Extensions inspired API and efficient event streaming support. Reactor 3 requires Java 8 or + to run.

skydive - An open source real-time network topology and protocols analyzer

  •    Go

Skydive is an open source real-time network topology and protocols analyzer. It aims to provide a comprehensive way of understanding what is happening in the network infrastructure. Skydive agents collect topology informations and flows and forward them to a central agent for further analysis. All the informations are stored in an Elasticsearch database.

node-red-nodes - Extra nodes for Node-RED

  •    Javascript

A collection of nodes for Node-RED. See below for a list. All of these nodes are available as individual npm packages. See the list below for the npm package names, or search npm.

shenzhen-go - Experimental visual Go environment

  •    Go

SHENZHEN GO (working title) is an experimental visual Go environment, inspired by programming puzzle games such as TIS-100 and SHENZHEN I/O.SHENZHEN GO provides a UI for editing a "graph," where the nodes are goroutines and the arrows are channel reads and writes. (This is analogous to multiple "microcontrollers" communicating electrically in a circuit.) It can also convert a graph into pure Go source code, which can be compiled and run, or used as a library in a regular Go program.

vizceral-component - web component wrapper for vizceral

  •    Javascript

vizceral-component is a web component that wraps vizceral for displaying traffic data on a webgl canvas. If a graph of nodes and edges with data about traffic volume is provided, it will render a traffic graph animating the connection volume between nodes.This component can take multiple traffic graphs and will generate a 'global' graph showing all incoming traffic into each of the 'regions', with support for cross-region traffic.

ready.js - Watch multiple async operations and trigger listeners when all are complete

  •    Javascript

WARNING This is a really old piece of code, exist as memorabilia and an ode to what we did before promises. Watches over multiple async operations and triggers listeners when all or some are complete.

arcgis-js-cli - CLI to build a template application and widgets using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

This CLI will allow you to quickly scaffold various applications for the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. You will need node v8+.

turtle - Turtle - functional composition for building lambda architectures in NodeJS

  •    Javascript

Apache 2.0 licensed. Turtle is a toolkit for building and orchestrating event-driven and serverless applications. These apps may run anywhere, either locally or, via execution drivers, in the cloud. It's turtles all the way down.

turtle-shell - IOpipe CLI and SDK for Go

  •    Go

Apache 2.0 licensed. IOpipe is a toolkit for building and orchestrating event-driven and serverless applications. These apps may run locally or in the cloud via AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, or Azure Functions.

pagenodes - Completely Browser Based IOT Platform

  •    Javascript

You can check out a working example of pagenodes here. Pagenodes is an in-browser fork of node-red. It requires no back-end server and is 100% browser-based. If you are going to host this, many modules will need to be hosted via https, or you can run it locally for full functionality. Pagenodes is currently in a heavy state of development, and we are working on a roadmap to follow for future implementations. In its current form it offers a large amount of functionality with very little set up.

rflows - reactive pipelines; lightweight and Future-oriented; automatic yammer metrics and pipeline visualization

  •    Scala

This is embedded reactive and typesafe Scala-based DSL for declaring flows using functional composition. MyServiceN - service-layer used by handlers. It's recommended to inject those services in mix-in style.

node-red-contrib-logstash - NodeRED nodes for visually modeling Logstash pipelines

  •    HTML

This project aims at providing a set of Node-RED nodes for modeling and executing any Logstash pipelines. The Node-RED project provides a nice browser-based visual editor for wiring the Internet of Things.

bip-pod-flow - Flow Controls Pods for Bipio

  •    Javascript

Flow Control Pod for Bipio. Handles transform filtering, de-duplication, token generation, representation transform transparently. Manually restart the bipio server at your convenience.

StepView - StepView for android

  •    Java

Then add this dependency, modify the version to the latest version.

portal-ui - GDC Data Portal UI

  •    Javascript

We recommend using Node v8 (npm v5). By default the portal will attempt to connect to an api instance running on localhost:5000, however this can changed by setting the environment variable REACT_APP_API, or by setting localStorage.REACT_APP_API in the browser.

ProbablyFlowTyped - Converts Typescript "declaration files" into Flow "library definitions"

  •    Javascript

Please see https://github.com/joarwilk/typedef-converter for a Flow -> Typescript definition converter.