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Magnetic - SpriteKit Floating Bubble Picker (inspired by Apple Music)

  •    Swift

Magnetic is a customizable bubble picker like the Apple Music genre selection. A Magnetic object is an SKScene.

ng-material-floating-button - Material design floating menu with action buttons implemented as an Angularjs directive

  •    Javascript

Material design floating action button implemented as an Angularjs directive. Shamelessly inspired by action buttons from Google Inbox, Evernote and Path. Made to be fast and easy to customise. It works out of the box with no other dependency apart from Angular, but plays nicely with the Angular Material bundle, for which it has dedicated templates.

OverlayContainer - Non-intrusive iOS UI library to implement overlay based interfaces

  •    Swift

It tries to be as lightweight and non-intrusive as possible. The layout and the UI customization are done by you to avoid to corrupt your project. It perfectly mimics the overlay presented in the Siri Shotcuts app. See this article for details.


  •    JQuery

A lightweight and adaptive jQuery plugin for pinning any element to the page or to a container element

fixed-width-float - display a float in a fixed-width string

  •    Javascript

Return a string s to display the floating point value n in so many bytes.This code works in the browser with browserify.

angular-floating-label - Angular directive creating a "floating label" for inputs with a placeholder

  •    Javascript

Add the js file to your html file, optionally add the css file as well. Add components to your angular dependencies and then just add floating-label as an attribute on your input fields.

vue-fab - Vue Floating Action Button

  •    Vue

Floating Action Button for Vue. The component supports multiple action buttons so you can add as many actions as you need. It will fire an event to the parent when clicking on each one.


  •    Javascript

A jQuery plugin that displays floating message.

RHSideButtons - Library provides easy to implement variation of Android (Material Design) Floating Action Button for iOS

  •    Swift

or you can simply copy RHSideButtons folder to your project. You just need implement RHSideButtonsDataSource and RHSideButtonsDelegate similar to well-known UIKit design.

React-Native-FAB - A FAB button component for Android and iOS, customizable, simple and as per material design specs

  •    Javascript

A FAB button component for Android and iOS, customizable, simple and as per material design specs. See Google Material Design for more info on FABs.

HHFloatingView - An easy to use and setup floating view for your app. 🎡

  •    Swift

Manually - Add HHFloatingView/Source folder to your Project. And you're good to use HHFloatingView. You can read the CHANGELOG file for a particular release.

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