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big.js - A small, fast JavaScript library for arbitrary-precision decimal arithmetic.

  •    Javascript

A small, fast JavaScript library for arbitrary-precision decimal arithmetic. The little sister to bignumber.js and decimal.js. See here for some notes on the difference between them.

bignumber.js - A JavaScript library for arbitrary-precision decimal and non-decimal arithmetic

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript library for arbitrary-precision decimal and non-decimal arithmetic. If a smaller and simpler library is required see big.js. It's less than half the size but only works with decimal numbers and only has half the methods. It also does not allow NaN or Infinity, or have the configuration options of this library.

decimal.js - An arbitrary-precision Decimal type for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

An arbitrary-precision Decimal type for JavaScript. The library is similar to bignumber.js, but here precision is specified in terms of significant digits rather than decimal places, and all calculations are rounded to the precision (similar to Python's decimal module) rather than just those involving division.

SQL floating point compare function


Comparison of floating point values in SQL Server not always gives the expected result. With this function, comparison is only done on the first 15 significant digits. Since SQL Server only garantees a precision of 15 digits for float datatypes, this is expected to be se...

decimal-js - Simple decimal arithmetic for the browser and node.js!

  •    Javascript

I wrote this because I needed to do simple computation in the browser and I couldn't find a lightweight library to do it. Of course you can, I suck at math, and this implementation is very naive. If you are a math Guru and you see something wrong or a way to simplify things you can send in a pull request.

comparable-storable-types - read, write, and compare binary types

  •    Javascript

Use this module if you want uniform access for reading, writing, comparison, sizes, and minimum/maximum values for a bunch of different machine types.This module was built specifically for implementing a range of types for spatial trees on disk.

fixed-width-float - display a float in a fixed-width string

  •    Javascript

Return a string s to display the floating point value n in so many bytes.This code works in the browser with browserify.

add - A cross-browser, numerically stable algorithm that adds floats accurately in Javascript

  •    Javascript

A cross-browser, numerically stable way to add floats in Javascript. Produces a faithful rounding of the sum (the result is an immediate floating-point neighbor of the true value).The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

linear-algebra - Efficient, high-performance linear algebra for node.js and browsers

  •    Javascript

Efficient, high-performance linear algebra library for node.js and browsers. This is a low-level algebra library which supports basic vector and matrix operations, and has been designed with machine learning algorithms in mind.

postcss-logical - Use logical properties and flow-relative values in CSS

  •    CSS

PostCSS Logical Properties and Values lets you use logical, rather than physical, direction and dimension mappings in CSS, following the CSS Logical Properties and Values specification. Otherwise, consider using the dir option to transform all logical properties and values to a specific direction.

glsl-read-float - Read floating point values back from WebGL

  •    Javascript

Workaround for reading floating point values back from the GPU using GLSL. Packs a floating point number into an 8bit RGBA color vector, which can be written to the display using gl_FragColor, for example.


  •    Javascript

The light version of decimal.js, an arbitrary-precision Decimal type for JavaScript. This library is the newest of the family of libraries: bignumber.js, big.js, decimal.js and decimal.js-light. The API is more or less a subset of the API of decimal.js.

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