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okdownload - A Reliable, Flexible, Fast and Powerful download engine.

  •    Java

A Reliable, Flexible, Fast and Powerful download engine. P.S. If you ask me, which version is the most stability, I will tell you it's not the version of 1.0.0 or 2.0.0, the most stability version must be the latest version because it is developed with github-flow, not production-flow. So please follow the latest release version and show me your PR. Here is the changelog for each version, it may help you.

pandas - Flexible and powerful data analysis / manipulation library for Python, providing labeled data structures similar to R data

  •    Python

pandas is a Python package providing fast, flexible, and expressive data structures designed to make working with "relational" or "labeled" data both easy and intuitive. It aims to be the fundamental high-level building block for doing practical, real world data analysis in Python. Additionally, it has the broader goal of becoming the most powerful and flexible open source data analysis / manipulation tool available in any language. It is already well on its way toward this goal. Binary installers for the latest released version are available at the Python package index and on conda.

fitty - ✨ Makes text fit perfectly

  •    Javascript

Scales up (or down) text so it fits perfectly to its parent container. Ideal for flexible and responsive websites.

tanka - Flexible, reusable and concise configuration for Kubernetes

  •    Go

To get started, install Tanka first, and then follow the tutorial. This should get you on track quickly. Please don't ask individual project members or open GitHub issues for support requests. Use one of the above channels so everyone in the community can participate.

Fiber - Express inspired web framework written in Go

  •    Go

Fiber is an Express inspired web framework built on top of Fasthttp, the fastest HTTP engine for Go. Designed to ease things up for fast development with zero memory allocation and performance in mind. New gophers that make the switch from Node.js to Go are dealing with a learning curve before they can start building their web applications or microservices. Fiber, as a web framework, was created with the idea of minimalism and follows the UNIX way, so that new gophers can quickly enter the world of Go with a warm and trusted welcome.

finger-mover - 🥊A motion effect library that integrates Fingerd and Moved

  •    Javascript

finger-mover is a motion effect library that integrates Fingerd (a development kit for finger unit event management in mobile development) and Moved (a micro movement framework). finger-mover provides many useful plugins, such as Vertical scroll simulation (simulation-scroll-y.js), Horizontal scroll simulation (simulation-scroll-x.js) and so on. finger-mover released as a umd module. You can use it in any way for your favorite. You can get global variable Fmover by serving as <script> tag.

Eclipse JNoSQL - Framework which has the goal to help Java developers to create Jakarta EE applications with NoSQL

  •    Java

Eclipse JNoSQL is a Java framework that streamlines the integration of Java applications with NoSQL databases. It defines a set of APIs and provides a standard implementation for most NoSQL databases. This clearly helps to achieve very low coupling with the underlying NoSQL technologies used in applications.

toucan - A classy high-level Clojure library for defining application models and retrieving them from a DB

  •    Clojure

Toucan provides the better parts of an ORM for Clojure, like simple DB queries, flexible custom behavior when inserting or retrieving objects, and easy hydration of related objects, all in a powerful and classy way.Toucan builds on top of clojure.java.jdbc and the excellent HoneySQL. The code that inspired this library was originally written to bring some of the sorely missed conveniences of Korma to HoneySQL when we transitioned from the former to the latter at Metabase. Over the last few years, I've continued to build upon and refine the interface of Toucan, making it simpler, more powerful, and more flexible, all while maintaining the function-based approach of HoneySQL.


  •    Javascript

Copyright (C) 2013 Laurent Renard.The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

jnosql-diana - Eclipse JNoSQL Diana is a flexible and extensible API to connect NoSQL databases

  •    Java

Eclipse JNoSQL Communication, Diana, is a flexible and extensible API to connect NoSQL databases. It brings an easy interface to support key-value, column family, document oriented and graph databases as JDBC is for SQL databases

minion-ci - minimalist, decentralized, flexible Continuous Integration Server for hackers.

  •    Python

minion-ci is a minimalist, decentralized, flexible Continuous Integration Server for hackers. MongoDB: To persist the job data minion-ci uses MongoDB. Make sure you have MongoDB installed ...

lua-resty-httpipe - Lua HTTP client cosocket driver for OpenResty / ngx_lua, interfaces are more flexible

  •    Perl

lua-resty-httpipe - Lua HTTP client cosocket driver for OpenResty / ngx_lua, interfaces are more flexible. Ready for testing. Probably production ready in most cases, though not yet proven in the wild. Please check the issues list and let me know if you have any problems / questions.

react-nav-tabs - Generic, flexible tabbed based navigation with optional react-router support

  •    Javascript

A set of components making tabbed navigation easier. Optionally supports react-router if you'd like the tab panes to show routes instead of predefined components. The main goal of this project is to provide flexible class names, elements, and react-router in a concise way.

ZConfig - A configuration library supporting a hierarchical schema-driven configuration model, and allowing a schema to specify data conversion routines written in Python

  •    Python

ZConfig is a configuration library intended for general use. It supports a hierarchical schema-driven configuration model that allows a schema to specify data conversion routines written in Python. ZConfig's model is very different from the model supported by the ConfigParser module found in Python's standard library, and is more suitable to configuration-intensive applications. ZConfig schema are written in an XML-based language and are able to "import" schema components provided by Python packages. Since components are able to bind to conversion functions provided by Python code in the package (or elsewhere), configuration objects can be arbitrarily complex, with values that have been verified against arbitrary constraints. This makes it easy for applications to separate configuration support from configuration loading even with configuration data being defined and consumed by a wide range of separate packages.

sleekjs - Node js MVC Framework by Cubet Techno Labs

  •    Javascript

Sleek.js is an MVC Wrapper Framework implemented from Node.jS, built-in with base dependency on handlebars.js, express.js. Sleek.js architecture follows common format of MVC which makes it easy to handle and build better sites with pluggable modules & themes support. Using Sleek.js we can make powerful websites in Nodejs platform. Sleek.js gives better performance, flexibility and easy maintenance.

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