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Hammond - Self hosted vehicle management system to track fuel and other expenses related to all of your vehicles

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Hammond is a self hosted vehicle management system to track fuel and other expenses related to all of your vehicles. It supports multiple users sharing multiple vehicles. It is the logical successor to Clarkson which has not been updated for quite some time now.

Bing-Maps-Fleet-Tracker - The Bing Maps Fleet Tracker is a tracking solution for small to medium sized teams

  •    CSharp

Bing Maps Fleet Tracker is a fleet management solution based on the Bing Maps APIs. It offers functionalities that enable tracking and managing a fleet of vehicles in real time. For more details, read this blog post. To get this project up and running, the easiest way is to use the Bing Maps Fleet Tracker Deployment Portal, which one-click deploy the Bing Maps Fleet Tracker solution into your Azure subscription. For a step by step walkthrough of how to deploy use the deployment portal, see out of the box deployment. None of the data entered on the deployment portal is stored by Bing Maps Fleet Tracker. It is only used to configure your deployment.

simobility - simobility - light-weight mobility simulation framework. Best for quick prototyping

  •    Python

simobility is a human-friendly Python framework that helps scientists and engineers to prototype and compare fleet optimization algorithms (autonomous and human-driven vehicles). It provides a set of building blocks that can be used to design different simulation scenarious, run simulations and calculate metrics. It is easy to plug in custom demand models, customer behavior models, fleet types, spatio-temporal models (for example, use OSRM for routing vehicles and machine learning models trained on historical data to predict ETA). Create an environment for experiments with machine learning algorithms for decision-making problems in mobility services and compare them to classical solutions.

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