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bauh - Graphical user interface for managing your Linux applications

  •    Python

bauh (ba-oo), formerly known as fpakman, is a graphical interface for managing your Linux software (packages/applications). It currently supports the following formats: AppImage, ArchLinux repositories/AUR, Flatpak, Snap and Web applications.

TextSnatcher - Perform OCR operations in seconds on Linux Desktop

  •    Python

TextSnatcher helps to copy text from Images, Youtube Videos, Memes, Lectures, Papers, Websites with ease and perform OCR operations in seconds. It internally uses Tesseract OCR 4.x for the character recognition. It supports Multiple Languages, Drag over any Image and Paste.

gradio - Find and listen to internet radio stations.

  •    Vala

A GTK3 app for finding and listening to internet radio stations.Translations To translate Gradio, please use Weblate.

applications - A collection of flatpak manifest for building Microsoft Windows applications with Wine via flatpak


A collection of flatpak manifest for building Microsoft Windows applications with Wine via flatpak. Remember run all flatpak commands as a user, root and sudo are not needed.

clapper - A GNOME media player built using GJS with GTK4 toolkit and powered by GStreamer with OpenGL rendering

  •    Javascript

A GNOME media player built using GJS with GTK4 toolkit. The media player uses GStreamer as a media backend and renders everything via OpenGL. The Flatpak package includes all required dependencies and codecs. Additionally it also has a few patches, thus some functionalities work better (or are only available) in Flatpak version (until my changes are accepted upstream). List of patches used in this version can be found here.

showdown - Simple Markdown viewer, written in Vala and GTK 3

  •    Vala

Showdown is a simple Markdown viewer written in Vala and GTK.The makefile supports most common packaging conventions, such as the DESTDIR variable and various other install path variables.

HydraPaper - A Gtk utility to set two different backgrounds for each monitor on GNOME (which lacks this feature)

  •    Python

You can find HydraPaper on AUR, as hydrapaper-git (AUR page).HydraPaper is available as a flatpak. You can download it from here.

appcenter - :rocket: App Center for Liri OS

  •    C++

This is the App Center for Liri OS for installing, updating, and managing applications built using Flatpak. Qbs is a new build system that is much easier to use compared to qmake or CMake.

winepak - Flatpak-ing Microsoft Windows applications with Wine


Flatpak-ing Microsoft Windows applications with Wine. See winepak.org for instructions using the remote repo.

winepak-sdk-images - Platform and SDK runtimes for winepak based applications


Platform and SDK runtimes for winepak based applications. Winepak is structure in three main parts; the runtime, the wine extensions, and the applications. The core of Winepak is the org.winepak.Platform and org.winepak.Sdk. The Platform & SDK contain the core modules for Winepak and a stable version of Wine, eg. Wine 3.0.

packages - Flatpak, Windows and Ubuntu SNAP packages for a few OSS projects

  •    Scilab

Snap and Flatpak are cool new ways of distributing Linux applications among a wide range of different distros. They are technologies to deploy applications in a secure, sandboxed and containerised way. In here there are Snap, Flatpak, and Windows packages.

Tangram - Run web apps on your desktop.

  •    Javascript

The goal of the project is to improve integration of web applications into the desktop, specifically GNOME. Each tab is a container so you can setup web apps with different accounts/settings.

Replay - [WIP] Explore and watch YouTube videos

  •    Vala

IMPORTANT: This project is work in progress. It's still in very early stages of development and isn't ready for use. Created with privacy in mind, Replay is a new way to browse and watch your YouTube videos on laptops and phones. Check out the latest trends or quickly find that video of kittens that you love so much without having to open slow browsers that only know how to consume all the precious resources of your PC.

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