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flatbuffers - Memory Efficient Serialization Library

  •    C++

Memory Efficient Serialization Library

FlatBuffer - FlatBuffer : Android Sample Application

  •    Java

This app shows how fast flat buffer works when we compare it with json.

cpp-serializers - Benchmark comparing various data serialization libraries (thrift, protobuf etc

  •    C++

Compare various data serialization libraries for C++. This project does not have any external library dependencies. All (boost, thrift etc.) needed libraries are downloaded and built automatically, but you need enough free disk space to build all components. To build this project you need a compiler that supports C++11 features. Project was tested with GCC 4.8.2 (Ubuntu 14.04).

zooshi - Multi-platform game where you feed well dressed animals with sushi

  •    C++

Zooshi is a game in which players travel on a raft down an endless river and toss sushi into the mouths of well-dressed animal patrons.Zooshi serves as a demonstration of how to build cross-platform games using a suite of open source game technologies from Fun Propulsion Labs at Google such as Breadboard, CORGI, FlatBuffers, FlatUI, fplbase, fplutil, Motive, Pindrop, Scene Lab and WebP.

clang-server - A C/C++ AST index server using libclang written in Go

  •    Go

A C/C++ AST index server using libclang over the msgpack-rpc written in Go.

lua-flatbuffers - flatbuffers library for Lua

  •    Lua

Reading from trusted FlatBuffers is pretty stable now, but be careful that bad input buffer could crash your process, I didn't check the buffer border now.

smf - Fastest RPC in the west

  •    C++

If you are using smf, drop us a line on the mailing list introducing your project. smf is a new RPC system and code generation like gRPC, Cap n Proto, Apache Thrift, etc, but designed for microsecond tail latency*.

FlexBuffersSwift - Swift implementation of FlexBuffers - a sub project of FlatBuffers

  •    Swift

Swift implementation of FlexBuffers - a sub project of Googles FlatBuffers project [https://google.github.io/flatbuffers/]. FlexBuffers is a self suficient binary data representation which can encode numbers, strings, maps and vectors. Less detailed discripiton can be found below.


  •    C++

FlatBuffers is an efficient cross platform serialization library for games and other memory constrained apps. It allows you to directly access serialized data without unpacking/parsing it first, while still having great forwards/backwards compatibility. Go to our landing page to browse our documentation.

kissrpc - Ultra high performance RPC

  •    D

Lightweight and easy to use. There are two ways to support IDL and manually write protocols. Analog function call, more in line with the RPC remote call logic, simple, transparent. The data format supports downward compatibility and uses the flatbuffer protocol, with better compatibility and faster speed.

flattables - Google FlatBuffers low-latency binary data constrained as tables with easy code generation

  •    Go

The irony of FlatTables is that the automatic code generation produces all your package-specific library code and godoc documentation, along with tests and a main that illustrates how to use your specific FlatTables package. Which means there is absolutely no (zero, zilch) godoc for FlatTables itself. Your invocation of the flattablesc CLI will generate your own godoc. Here's the github.com/urban-wombat/flattables_sample godoc to give you an idea of what your generated godoc will look like. Don't be daunted by the large number of functions and methods that are generated by flattablesc.