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co - A go-style coroutine library in C++11 and more.

  •    C++

CO is an elegant and efficient C++ base library that supports Linux, Windows and Mac platforms. It implements a series of high-quality base components, such as go-style coroutine, coroutine-based network programming framework, command line parameter and config file parsing library, high-performance log library, unit testing framework, JSON library, etc. Goto the Sponsor page.

react-native-country-picker-modal - 🇨🇦 Country picker provides a modal allowing a user to select a country from a list

  •    Javascript

A simple example to display a CountryPicker component with a dark theme. You need to download a light colored image for the close button, for example this one. YES : It used the world-countries package and image is stored into json and base64.

fflip - Flexible Feature Flipping/Flagging for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Working on an experimental new design? Starting a closed beta? Rolling out a new feature over the next few weeks? Fa-fa-fa-flip it. fflip gives you complete control over releasing new functionality to your users based on their user id, join date, membership status, and whatever else you can think of. fflip's goal is to be the most powerful and extensible feature flipping/toggling module out there. Criteria are the rules that define access to different features. Each criteria takes a user object and some data as arguments, and returns true/false if the user matches that criteria. You will use these criteria to restrict/allow features for different subsets of your userbase.

SeriousCode - This header file enforces Clang warnings to bu turned-on for specific flags (almost everyone, at least each one I was able to find)

  •    Objective-C

This header file enforces Clang warnings to be turned-on for specific flags (almost everyone, at least each one I was able to find from the LLVM/Clang sources). When including it, every little code mistake, possibly undefined behavior, every pedantic warning, etc., will turn in a compiler fatal error.

feature-toggle - A painless feature toggle system in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

A painless feature toggle system in JavaScript. Decouple development and deployment.Also supports AMD and standalone. Just load the UMD module in the ./dist folder.

node-flags - Flag handling library for node.js.

  •    Javascript

This is a flags library for use with node.js. Flag definitions can be distributed across multiple files, as long as they are defined before flags.parse() is called. flags.defineString - Takes the raw input from the command line.

react-github-corner - Add a Github banner to your project page

  •    Javascript

and the style attribute will be rendered (which will hide the element). Copyright (c) 2015 skratchdot Licensed under the MIT license.

lpf-ctf - Multiplayer capture the flag demo

  •    Javascript

You can get node.js here, and this website (github.com) has instructions on how to set up git on various systems. Open up a browser tab for localhost:8080 and you should be good to go.

node-flags - :feet:

  •    Javascript

A simple feature flagging library. 100 lines of code, no dependencies. Written in ES6+.

react-world-flags - SVG flags of the world for react

  •    Javascript

Where code is the two letter, three letter or three digit country code. The bundle contains all flags of the world and is about 1.3 MB gzipped.

flag2 - A more traditional flag library for the go programming language

  •    Go

======= A more traditional flag library for the Go programming language. I also have a long history with Python, so the implimentation code looks similar to Python's argparse class. I did not like how the flag library that comes with Go parses command line flags.

CountryPickerView - A simple, customizable view for efficiently collecting country information in iOS apps

  •    Swift

CountryPickerView is a simple, customizable view for selecting countries in iOS apps. You can clone/download the repository and run the demo project to see CountryPickerView in action. First run pod install from the CountryPickerViewDemo directory.

django-siteflags - Reusable application for Django allowing users to flag/bookmark site objects

  •    Python

So you want a user to be able to put some flags on certain site entities. Let's say you need a kind of bookmark powered service, or a site where content is flagged and moderated, or a simplified rating system or something similar.

laravel-eloquent-flag - Laravel Eloquent boolean & timestamp flagged attributes behavior.

  •    PHP

Any entity can has more than one flag at the same time. If flags can't work for the same entity simultaneously they are listed in Conflict column. Eloquent Flag is an easy way to add flagged attributes to eloquent models. All flags has their own trait which adds global scopes to desired entity.

styled-is - A flag utility for styled-components

  •    Javascript

Flag utility for styled-components. is, isNot, isOr, isSomeNot are used for boolean props and can check one or more props at a time is(prop1, prop2, ...).

micro-flags - 🇦🇺 A microservice that returns flag icons by country code

  •    Javascript

A microservice for getting a flag icon by country code. Flag icons courtesy of gosquared and famfamicons.

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