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mStream - The easiest music streaming server available

  •    Javascript

mStream is a personal music streaming server. You can use mStream to stream your music from your home computer to any device, anywhere. If you just want the core part of mStream without all the UI tools, you can install mStream from the NPM or Git repositories.

gerbera - UPnP Media Server for 2021: Stream your digital media through your home network and consume it on all kinds of UPnP supporting devices 📱💻📺

  •    C++

Gerbera is a UPnP media server which allows you to stream your digital media through your home network and consume it on a variety of UPnP compatible devices. Pull requests are very welcome and reporting issues is encouraged.

miniaudio - Single file audio playback and capture library written in C.

  •    C

miniaudio (formerly mini_al) is a single file library for audio playback and capture. It's written in C89 (compilable as C++) and released into the public domain. Then just compile. There's no need to install any dependencies. On Windows and macOS there's no need to link to anything. On Linux and BSD, just link to -lpthread, -lm and -ldl.

whipper - Python CD-DA ripper preferring accuracy over speed

  •    Python

Whipper is a Python 3 (3.6+) CD-DA ripper based on the morituri project (CDDA ripper for *nix systems aiming for accuracy over speed). It started just as a fork of morituri - which development seems to have halted - merging old ignored pull requests, improving it with bugfixes and new features. Nowadays whipper's codebase diverges significantly from morituri's one. Whipper is currently developed and tested only on Linux distributions but may work fine on other *nix OSes too.

mutagen - Python 2/3 module for handling audio metadata

  •    Python

Mutagen is a Python module to handle audio metadata. It supports ASF, FLAC, MP4, Monkey's Audio, MP3, Musepack, Ogg Opus, Ogg FLAC, Ogg Speex, Ogg Theora, Ogg Vorbis, True Audio, WavPack, OptimFROG, and AIFF audio files. All versions of ID3v2 are supported, and all standard ID3v2.4 frames are parsed. It can read Xing headers to accurately calculate the bitrate and length of MP3s. ID3 and APEv2 tags can be edited regardless of audio format. It can also manipulate Ogg streams on an individual packet/page level. Mutagen works with Python 2.7, 3.4+ (CPython and PyPy) on Linux, Windows and macOS, and has no dependencies outside the Python standard library. Mutagen is licensed under the GPL version 2 or later.


  •    CSharp

SmallTune is an audioplayer with a long tradition, being completely rewritten and redesigned by now.


  •    CSharp

Implemented JFlacLib in C# A simple player to play flac in windows phone system

Xiph Media Encoder


Xiph Media Encoder is a wizard which help you to transcode automatically audio files in FLAC, Vorbis and Speex. It generates flexible PowerShell scripts.

jsmediatags - Media Tags Reader (ID3, MP4, FLAC)

  •    Javascript

The next version of https://github.com/aadsm/JavaScript-ID3-Reader. A few people have asked me about donations (or even crowdfunding). I would prefer you to consider making a donation to the "Girls Who Code" NPO. If you do please send me a message so I can add you as a contributor.

ESP8266Audio - Arduino library to play MOD, WAV, FLAC, MIDI, RTTTL, MP3, and AAC files on I2S DACs or with a software emulated delta-sigma DAC on the ESP8266 and ESP32

  •    C

Arduino library for parsing and decoding MOD, WAV, MP3, FLAC, MIDI, AAC, and RTTL files and playing them on an I2S DAC or even using a software-simulated delta-sigma DAC with dynamic 32x-128x oversampling. ESP8266 is fully supported and most mature, but ESP32 is also mostly there with built-in DAC as well as external ones.

mini_al - Single file audio playback and capture library.

  •    C

mini_al is a single file library for audio playback and capture. It's written in C (compilable as C++) and released into the public domain. Then just compile. There's no need to install any dependencies. On Windows and macOS there's no need to link to anything. On Linux and BSD, just link to -lpthread, -lm and -ldl.

freac - The fre:ac audio converter project

  •    C++

fre:ac is a free and open source audio converter. It supports audio CD ripping and tag editing and converts between various audio formats. Pre-built packages for Windows, macOS, Linux and FreeBSD are available at freac.org.

split2flac - Split flac/ape/wv/wav + cue sheet into separate tracks

  •    Shell

split2flac splits one big APE/FLAC/TTA/WV/WAV audio image (or a collection of such files, recursively) with CUE sheet into FLAC/M4A/MP3/OGG_VORBIS/OPUS/WAV tracks with tagging, renaming, charset conversion of cue sheet, album cover images. It also uses configuration file, so no need to pass a lot of arguments every time, only an input file. Should work in any POSIX-compliant shell.NOTE: script is able to find cover image and cue sheet automatically (including internal ones).

node-mediainfo - Wrapper around the `mediainfo' program for obtaining information about media files

  •    Javascript

Wrapper around the mediainfo command for obtaining information about media files. This module provides an interface to the mediainfo command. It returns the (parsed) output of the command with all the keys lower-cased. There's not a lot to say here.

node-musicnamer - Organize your music collection

  •    Javascript

Invocation of musicnamer is simple: just run the program with files as arguments and it will do its thing on them. NOTE: musicnamer renames files relative to your current directory.

tag - ID3, MP4 and OGG/FLAC metadata parsing in Go

  •    Go

This package provides MP3 (ID3v1,2.{2,3,4}) and MP4 (ACC, M4A, ALAC), OGG and FLAC metadata detection, parsing and artwork extraction. Parsed metadata is exported via a single interface (giving a consistent API for all supported metadata formats).

semira - Plays your music collection over the web in your browser.

  •    Clojure

A simple application to stream audio from your server to your browser for listening. It provides a HTML5 frontend to audio files (MP3, FLAC, OGG, M4A) for searching and playing. The files are recoded before streaming them to save bandwidth and be compatible with the browser you are using. This application is build using Clojure and ClojureScript to handle user requests and uses GStreamer to recode audio files. The recoded audio files are cached for later use.

discogstagger - Console based audio-file metadata tagger that uses the Discogs

  •    Python

discogstagger is a console based audio meta-data tagger for FLAC, Ogg and MP3 audio files. Album, artist and track data profile is retrieved via the discogs.com API and then saved to the related metadata fields in the audio container. To tag an album, provide the script with a target directory name (-s), that contains an album consisting of supported media files as well as the discogs.com release-id (-r). discogstagger calls out to the discogs.com API and updates the audio meta-data accordingly.

flac-metadata - FLAC metadata processor for Node.js, implemented as Transform stream

  •    Javascript

A FLAC metadata processor for Node.js, implemented as Transform stream. Does nothing, just pipes a source FLAC through the Processor into a target FLAC.

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