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wger - Self hosted FLOSS fitness/workout, nutrition and weight tracker written with Django

  •    Python

wger (ˈvɛɡɐ) Workout Manager is a free, open source web application that help you manage your personal workouts, weight and diet plans and can also be used as a simple gym management utility. It offers a REST API as well, for easy integration with other projects and tools. These are the basic steps to install and run the application locally on a Linux system. There are more detailed instructions, other deployment options as well as an administration guide available at https://wger.readthedocs.io or locally in your code repository in the docs folder.

tapiriik - tapiriik keeps your fitness in sync

  •    Python

Check out the setup guide on the wiki. It's a bit more than pip install tapiriik, but I'm sure you can handle it. Great! If you're looking for a quick primer on how tapiriik functions under the hood, head on over to the technical introduction wiki article. Once you're ready, send in a pull request and I'll work with you to get it merged.

Activate Your Glutes

  •    CSharp

Activate Your Glutes is a website for tracking fitness progress as you grind it out in the gym, developed using ASP.Net MVC, JQuery and Entity Framework.

personal-dashboard - :bar_chart: Programmatically collecting and reporting various stats about myself daily

  •    Go

I am hoping to add instructions on how to get it up and running for yourself when I have free time.

node-withings - Withings API client library for node.js

  •    Javascript

Withings API client library for node.js

waterrower - A library for communicating with your WaterRower

  •    TypeScript

This project is being actively developed. It is stable and working as it is, but there's still more that can be added for more communication with the WaterRower device. Please jump in with contributions. Pull requests are welcome. waterrower gives you two ways to subscribe to data changes - the EventEmitter pattern and Rx.js. The former is very familiar and works fine. The latter allows you to do some interesting things since data changes are an Rx stream. If you haven't worked with Rx.js yet, don't worry. As you can see in the example below, it's very easy.

gofit - Fitbit API data export to InfluxDB

  •    Go

Uses the Fitbit API to load data into InfluxDB for displaying data into Grafana for FitOps engineers. Assuming you have set your $GOPATH https://golang.org/doc/code.html#GOPATH Optionally add $PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin to make gofit command available.

phormatics - HackNYU2018 project focused on using A

  •    Jupyter

HackNYU2018 project developed in 36 hours, focusing on using A.I. and computer vision to build a virtual personal fitness trainer. Capable of using 2D human pose estimation with commodity web-cameras to critique your form and count your repetitions. This project won the award for "The Most Startup-Viable Hack" as awarded by Contrary Capital.

HealthKit - Cordova plugin for the iOS HealthKit framework

  •    Objective-C

See the example for how to use these functions. The official Apple documentation for HealthKit can be found here.

bodyweight-client - An Elm Frontend for a BodyWeight Workout Logging Application.

  •    Elm

A Bodyweight Workout Log frontend written in Elm. The API server lives in a separate repository, but the two repos will probably be merged at some point.

react-native-fitness - A React Native module to interact with Apple Healthkit and Google Fit.

  •    Java

react-native-fitness is a library that works on both iOS and Android with it you can interact with Apple Healthkit and Google Fit. Currently the lib provides a set of API that you can use to read steps count or distance count for a given period of time. Note: We're open to receive PRs that contains new features or improvements, so feel free to contribute to this repo.

health-blockchain - A blockchain for fitness data demo

  •    CSS

A blockchain for fitness data demo. Blockchain is first and foremost about a peer to peer exchange of value. The following demonstration reviews the exchange of an individual's fitness/workout data for various rewards from organizations they interact with.

docker - Production...ish docker-compose image for wger

  •    Shell

This docker-compose file starts up a production environment with gunicorn as the webserver, postgres as a database and redis for caching with nginx used as a reverse proxy. If you want to develop, take a look at the docker compose file in the application repository. The database, static files and uploaded images are mounted as volumes so the data is persisted. The only thing you need to do is update the docker images. Consult the docker volume command for details on how to access or backup this data.

flutter - Flutter fitness/workout app for wger

  •    Dart

wger is a free, open source flutter application that manages and tracks/logs your exercises and personal workouts, weight and diet plans. This is the mobile app written with Flutter, it talks via REST with the main server. Alternatively, you can use one of our test servers, just ask us for access.

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