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Activate Your Glutes

Activate Your Glutes is a website for tracking fitness progress as you grind it out in the gym, developed using ASP.Net MVC, JQuery and Entity Framework.

personal-dashboard - :bar_chart: Programmatically collecting and reporting various stats about myself daily

I am hoping to add instructions on how to get it up and running for yourself when I have free time.

waterrower - A library for communicating with your WaterRower

This project is being actively developed. It is stable and working as it is, but there's still more that can be added for more communication with the WaterRower device. Please jump in with contributions. Pull requests are welcome. waterrower gives you two ways to subscribe to data changes - the EventEmitter pattern and Rx.js. The former is very familiar and works fine. The latter allows you to do some interesting things since data changes are an Rx stream. If you haven't worked with Rx.js yet, don't worry. As you can see in the example below, it's very easy.

HealthKit - Cordova plugin for the iOS HealthKit framework

See the example for how to use these functions. The official Apple documentation for HealthKit can be found here.