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hoverboard - GDG DevFest website template

  •    HTML

Project Hoverboard is the conference website template that helps you to set up mobile first conference website with blog, speakers and schedule management in a few minutes. The template is created based on 7 years of GDG Lviv team experience of running conferences and feedback from more than 500 event organizers from all around the world who were using previous Hoverboard versions.

nativescript-plugin-firebase - :fire: NativeScript plugin for Firebase, the leading realtime JSON :cloud: app platform

  •    TypeScript

Head on over to https://console.firebase.google.com/ and sign up for a free account. Your first 'Firebase' will be automatically created and made available via an URL like https://n-plugin-test.firebaseio.com. This will launch an install script which will guide you through installing additional components. Check the doc links above to see what's what. You can always change your choices later.

squanchy-android - Open source Android app for your conferences

  •    Kotlin

Squanchy is an open source platform for conferences. The source code for the Firebase backend and for the Flutter port of the app is available in other repositories of this organisation. Documentation is available on http://squanchy.net/. The project is maintained by independent contributors (see CONTRIBUTORS.md).

redux-firestore - Redux bindings for Firestore

  •    Javascript

This assumes you are using npm as your package manager. It is common to make react components "functional" meaning that the component is just a function instead of being a class which extends React.Component. This can be useful, but can limit usage of lifecycle hooks and other features of Component Classes. recompose helps solve this by providing Higher Order Component functions such as withContext, lifecycle, and withHandlers.

iPoli-android - Fun & Motivational Todo List with Calendar for Android written in Kotlin

  •    Kotlin

myPoli combines Calendar, ToDo list and Habit tracking app, all in one place to give you the best way to achieve your goals! Find time to exercise, learn new skills, focus deeply on meaningful work, stick to good habits and free you from the burden of scheduling tasks by yourself.

fluttergram - A working Instagram clone written in Flutter using Firebase / Firestore

  •    Dart

A working Instagram clone written in Flutter using Firebase / Firestore

ngx-auth-firebaseui - Angular Material UI component for firebase authentication

  •    TypeScript

Angular UI component for firebase authentication. This library is an angular module (including angular components and services) that allows to authenticate your users with your firebase project. NgxAuthFirebseUI is compatible with angular material and angular flexLayout.

firestore-transfer - Simple scripts for export / import of Google FireStore data

  •    TypeScript

Simple scripts for export / import of Google FireStore data. For the time being, this repo is not registered in the NPM repo, hence you need to use the full github url. Eventually, when the scripts have been in use for a while I will register it in the NPM repo.

node-firestore-import-export - Firestore data import and export

  •    TypeScript

Firestore data importing and exporting tool. Export a Firestore database, including collections and documents, while keeping the structure intact.

expect-firestore - API client and Jasmine matchers for the Firestore Rules API

  •    Javascript

Node module to easily unit tests Firestore rules. It abstract the Firestore Rules testing API to easily mock a dataset.

Pring - Cloud Firestore model framework for iOS - Google

  •    Swift

Please donate to continue development. Firestore model framework. The concept of Document and Collection has been added to Firestore. Pring defines the Scheme of the Document and enables type - safe programming. SubCollection can also be defined in Scheme.

pring.ts - Cloud Firestore model framework for TypeScript - Google

  •    TypeScript

⚠️ This library still contains bugs. Pring uses a decorator. Set experimentalDecorators to true.

squanchy-flutter - Flutter implementation of the Squanchy conference app

  •    Dart

Squanchy is an open source schedule platform for conferences. This repository contains the Flutter port of the Squanchy Android app.

Greet - Greet is a simple social network for Android written using Firebase Cloud Firestore and Cloud Functions

  •    Java

Greet is a simple social network for Android written using Firebase Cloud Firestore and Cloud Functions. It is my final project for the Android Developer Nanodegree Program by Udacity.

centiment - 🤖 Crypto-currency sentiment analysis via Google Natural Language & Twitter.

  •    Go

Centiment is a service that performs sentiment analysis of tweets using Google's Natural Language APIs. It was designed with the goal of searching for cryptocurrency tweets, but can be used to analyze and aggregate sentiments for any search terms. Centiment relies on Google's Natural Language APIs and Firestore, but otherwise can run anywhere provided it can reach these services.

nodejs-firestore - Node

  •    TypeScript

This is the Node.js Server SDK for Google Cloud Firestore. Google Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL document database built for automatic scaling, high performance, and ease of application development. This Cloud Firestore Server SDK uses Google’s Cloud Identity and Access Management for authentication and should only be used in trusted environments. Your Cloud Identity credentials allow you bypass all access restrictions and provide read and write access to all data in your Cloud Firestore project.

fireadmin - Application for Managing Firebase Applications

  •    Javascript

Interested in adding a feature or contributing? Open an issue or reach out over gitter. Checkout the hosted version available at fireadmin.io. After you become more familiar, feel free to run your own by pulling this source and proceeding to the run your own section.