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react-firebase-hooks - React Hooks for Firebase.

  •    TypeScript

A set of reusable React Hooks for Firebase. Official support for Hooks was added to React Native in v0.59.0. React Firebase Hooks works with both the Firebase JS SDK and React Native Firebase, although some of the Flow and Typescript typings may be incorrect - we are investigating ways to improve this for React Native Firebase users.

firebase-android-sdk - Firebase Android SDK

  •    Java

Firebase is an app development platform with tools to help you build, grow and monetize your app. More information about Firebase can be found at https://firebase.google.com. Firebase Android libraries exercise all three types of tests recommended by the Android Testing Pyramid. Depending on the requirements of the specific project, some or all of these tests may be used to support changes.

DeckBox - DeckBox for Pokémon TCG: https://play

  •    Kotlin

Seamlessly integrate with your Pokémon TCG Online game by importing and exporting decklists in a compatible format. Sign in with our Google account to build and edit your decks across all of your devices, or just continue without one and link it later.

firebase-mock - Firebase mock library for writing unit tests

  •    Javascript

Firebase Mock supports the client-side JavaScript API and server-side Admin API plus a small set of utility methods documented fully in the API Reference. Rather than make a server call that is actually asynchronous, Firebase Mock allows you to either trigger callbacks synchronously or asynchronously with a specified delay (ref.flush).

react-firebase - 🔥Declarative React bindings for Firebase Auth & Realtime Database & Firestore.

  •    TypeScript

Building apps with React & Firebase should be easy. The goal of this project is to offer intuitive declarative APIs to make interacting with Firebase fun and easy. Install firebase.

messenger-iOS-chat-swift-firestore - Messenger Clone - Real-time iOS Chat with Firebase Firestore written in Swift

  •    Swift

This is an extremely simple chat app source code of an iOS Swift Chat app. It leverages MessageKit and it stores and retrieves data to/from Firebase Firestore. The app design is inspired by Facebook Messenger. Clone the iOS Chat App Source Code and add a fully fledged chat to your app in minutes. Learn how to build your own iOS chat feature with only a few lines of code. Clone this iOS chat app source code and get started by following the steps below. For more details, check out our detailed technical documentation on the official iOS Swift Chat app page.

fireward - A simple and readable language for Firestore security rules, similar to Firebase Bolt.

  •    Haskell

A language and compiler for writing Firestore security rules. The compiler also generates TypeScript interfaces. The main idea is to be able to add idiomatic type validation to routes, as if they had strict type-checking. The language also has some nice features to elegantly express rules for certain situations, which otherwise would be too cumbersome to encode. This will download and install the precompiled binaries for MacOS, Windows and generic Linux, along with a JavaScript wrapper that will select the appropriate binary to your system. Then you should be able to use the executable as normal, e.g. fireward -i rules.ward. The whole package takes up around 10MB.