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oryol - A small, portable and extensible C++ 3D coding framework

  •    C++

You need: cmake, python and your platform's default C/C++ development environment. See the Oryol Extension Sample webpage for more interesting 3rd-party library integrations.

jose-jwt - Ultimate Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) and JSON Web Token (JWT) Implementation for

  •    CSharp

Minimallistic zero-dependency library for generating, decoding and encryption JSON Web Tokens. Supports full suite of JSON Web Algorithms as of July 4, 2014 version. JSON parsing agnostic, can plug any desired JSON processing library. Extensively tested for compatibility with jose.4.j, Nimbus-JOSE-JWT and json-jwt libraries.v2.1 and above added extra features support for .NET461+ and coming with 3 version of binaries (NET4, NET461 and netstandard1.4).

fips - High-level build system for distributed, multi-platform C/C++ projects.

  •    Python

fips is a highlevel build system wrapper written in Python for C/C++ projects.

fips-bgfx - fipsified version of bgfx (https://github.com/bkaradzic/bgfx)

  •    CMake

Most demos require the current working directory set to fips-bgfx/bgfx/examples/runtime, do this in Xcode by selecting the build target (e.g. 01-cubes), go to 'Edit Scheme... -> Options -> Working Directory'. See fips-bgfx/fips.yml for the list of demos that require the working directory to be set.

gliml - Minimalistic image loader library for GL projects

  •    C++

Minimalistic image loader library for GL projects

oryol-samples - Oryol extension module samples

  •    C++

These are the Oryol Extension Samples, meaning samples which depend on extension modules that are not a core part of Oryol. See the Oryol build instructions and fips build system documentation for more detailed build instructions.

yakc - Yet another KC emulator

  •    Assembly

Despite the name this is a multi-system emulator for 8-bit home computers. This is a WebAssembly version. If this doesn't work, switch to the asm.js version through the top-left hamburger icon.

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