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clientjs - Device information and digital fingerprinting written in pure JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

Device information and digital fingerprinting written in pure JavaScript. ClientJS is a JavaScript library that makes digital fingerprinting easy, while also exposing all the browser data-points used in generating fingerprints.

FingerprintJS - Browser fingerprinting library with the highest accuracy and stability

  •    Javascript

Makes a website visitor identifier from a browser fingerprint. Unlike cookies and local storage, fingerprint stays the same in incognito/private mode and even when browser data is purged.

FingerprintManager - A small library to handle Android fingerprint API.

  •    Kotlin

A small library to handle Android fingerprint APIs. This library offers an easy way to handle authorisation and encryption tasks using Android Fingerprint APIs. It's based on Android fingerprint dialog sample made by Google: https://github.com/googlesamples/android-FingerprintDialog.

BiometricAuthentication - Use Apple FaceID or TouchID authentication in your app using BiometricAuthentication

  •    Swift

Use Apple FaceID or TouchID authentication in your app using BiometricAuthentication. It's very simple and easy to use that handles Touch ID and Face ID authentication based on the device. Note: - Face ID authentication requires user's persmission to be add in info.plist.

reprint - A unified fingerprint library for android.

  •    Java

A simple, unified fingerprint authentication library for Android with RxJava extensions. See the sample app for a complete example.

RxFingerprint - Android Fingerprint authentication and encryption with RxJava

  •    Java

Learn more about the Android Fingerprint APIs at developer.android.com. This library has a minSdkVersion of 15, but will only really work on API level 23. Below that it will provide no functionality due to the missing APIs.

Android-Goldfinger - Android library to simplify Fingerprint authentication implementation.

  •    Java

You can see all Goldfinger methods here. The CryptoObject is locked when created and it is unlocked when the user successfully authenticates. Once it is unlocked, you can use it to cipher data.

hugulp - Hugo + Gulp starter project

  •    Shell

hugulp is a tool to optimize the assets of a Hugo website.The main idea is to recreate the famous Ruby on Rails Asset Pipeline, which minifies, concatenates and fingerprints the assets used in your website.

farmhash - Node.js implementation of FarmHash, Google's family of high performance hash functions

  •    Javascript

Node.js implementation of Google's FarmHash family of very fast hash functions.FarmHash is the successor to CityHash. Functions in the FarmHash family are not suitable for cryptography. A fast, cryptographically-secure alternative is HighwayHash.

highwayhash - Node.js implementation of HighwayHash, Google's fast and strong hash function

  •    Javascript

Node.js implementation of Google's HighwayHash.Based on SipHash, it is believed to be robust against hash flooding and timing attacks because memory accesses are sequential and the algorithm is branch-free.

rabinjs - A pure js implementation of Rabin fingerprinting (aka. content defind chunking)

  •    Javascript

Pull requests should be made against master or the currently active development branch.

fingerprint - Fingerprint is a simple tool that can be used to verify the contents of a directory.

  •    Ruby

Fingerprint is a general purpose data integrity tool that uses cryptographic hashes to detect changes in files. Fingerprint scans a directory tree and generates a small transcript file containing the names and hashes of the files. This snapshot file can then be used to generate a list of files that have been created, deleted, or modified. If so much as a single bit in a single file in the directory tree has changed, fingerprint will detect it. Traditionally, the only way to preserve data was to take regular backups and hope that any unwanted changes that occurred would be major, obvious ones (such as loss of the disk). This approach means trusting all the software to which the data is exposed: operating systems, backup software, communications software, compression software, encryption software, and archiving software. Unfortunately, each of these systems is highly complex and can inflict all kinds of damage on data, much of the damage undetectable to humans. Fingerprint allows data to be monitored, detecting even the change of a single bit.

node-static-asset - Static asset manager for Node.JS and Express

  •    Javascript

node-static-asset is a static asset manager for Node.JS, designed for Express. This project aims to solve the problem of caching static assets (including assets like *.js files that might change from time to time). Google has a nice article about "strong" and "weak" caching. It's worth a quick read if you don't know what that means.

invi.sible.link - pipeline to analyze and communicate a side of the web surveillance ecosystem

  •    Javascript

This commands provide more control, if --kind is not specifiy, all are inserted. This is toolchain compsed by many small tools. The goal has been reduce 1 functionality per tool. below, or on the website you can find more contextual details. If you want get in touch, claudio at tracking dot exposed is the email to write to, the link lead to the PGP key.

express-fingerprint - Server-side fingerprinting

  •    Javascript

Passive fingerprinting is browser fingerprinting based on characteristics observable in the contents of Web requests, without the use of any code executing on the client side. Passive fingerprinting would trivially include cookies (often unique identifiers sent in HTTP requests) and the set of HTTP request headers and the IP address and other network-level information. The User-Agent string, for example, is an HTTP request header that typically identifies the browser, renderer, version and operating system. For some populations, the user agent string and IP address will commonly uniquely identify a particular user's browser.

gulp-fingerprint - A gulp task to update fingerprinted assets from a rev-manifest.json file

  •    Javascript

Update a source file with fingerprinted assets. If a string is passed in as the manifest, gulp-fingerprint will interpret this as a path and automatically require the json file.

crl-monitor - CRL Monitor - X.509 Certificate Revocation List monitoring and X.509/Subject caching

  •    Python

There is a set of tool to maintain a cache of certificate fingerprints along with the IP addresses seen with a specific fingerprint and subject. In order to feed the cache, dumps of SSL scans need to be imported.

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