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fselect - Find files with SQL-like queries

  •    Rust

Static build with musl. A statically precompiled binary is available at Github downloads.

grizzly - Collections generator for Golang

  •    Go

Grizzly allows you to use collections in GO without generics. With Grizzly you can use the methods Map, Filter, Find, etc.

pybashutils - Collection of Bash and Python scripts I've made that may be generally useful

  •    Python

SpellCheck has moved. Note: if you have any files open (like say a spreadsheet on the ~/U drive), ~/U will stay connected until you close that file(s).

findlargedir - find all "blackhole" directories with a huge amount of filesystem entries in a flat structure

  •    Go

Findlargedir is a quick hack intended to help identifying "black hole" directories on an any filesystem having more than 100,000 entries in a single flat structure. Program will attempt to identify any number of such events and report on them. Program will not follow symlinks and requires r/w permissions to be able to calculate a directory inode size to number of entries ratio and estimate a number of entries in a directory without actually counting them. While this method is just an approximation of the actual number of entries in a directory, it is good enough to quickly scan for offending directories.

ff - Find files (ff) by name, fast!

  •    Rust

Find Files (ff) utility recursively searches the files whose names match the specified RegExp pattern in the provided directory (defaults to the current directory if not provided). Dual-licensed under MIT or the UNLICENSE.