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finatra - Fast, testable, Scala services built on Twitter-Server and Finagle

  •    Scala

This project is used in production at Twitter (and many other organizations), and is being actively developed and maintained.Finatra is a lightweight framework for building fast, testable, scala applications on top of TwitterServer and Finagle. Finatra provides an easy-to-use API for creating and testing Finagle servers and apps as well as powerful JSON support, modern logging via SLF4J, Finagle client utilities, and more.

finch - Scala combinator library for building Finagle HTTP services

  •    Scala

Finch is a thin layer of purely functional basic blocks atop of Finagle for building composable HTTP APIs. Its mission is to provide the developers simple and robust HTTP primitives being as close as possible to the bare metal Finagle API. Every Finch module is published at Maven Central. Use the following sbt snippet ...

scrooge - A Thrift parser/generator

  •    Scala

Scrooge is a thrift code generator written in Scala, which currently generates code for Scala, Java, Cocoa, Android and Lua.It's meant to be a replacement for the apache thrift code generator, and generates conforming, compatible binary codecs by building on top of libthrift. It integrates with the finagle project, exporting stats and finagle APIs, and makes it easy to build high throughput, low latency, robust thrift servers and clients.

finch-template - A template project for Finch-based services.

  •    Scala

Redbubble also makes available a GraphQL version of this template (which is more complete and contains a Docker image). With more are in the cookbook.

rb-graphql-template - A template for Scala HTTP GraphQL services.

  •    Scala

This is a service template for a GraphQL-based API. It is a small stateless HTTP API that aggregates, proxies and transforms downstream APIs. In particular, this template exposes a subset of the Star Wars API. Redbubble also makes available a purely HTTP version of this template (on which this is based).

fintrospect - Implement fast, type-safe HTTP webservices for Finagle

  •    Scala

Fintrospect is intentionally dependency-lite by design - other than Finagle, the core library itself only has a single non org.scala dependency. No dependency on Scalaz, Cats or Shapeless, so there are no compatibility headaches. To activate the extension library features (JSON, templates etc), additional dependencies are required - please see here for details.

finagle-metrics - Easy way to send Finagle metrics to Codahale Metrics library

  •    Scala

Easy way to send Finagle metrics to Codahale Metrics library. finagle-metrics enables your finagle based application to send its metrics to Codahale Metrics library instead of the default metrics (finagle-stats).

finch-server - Some base classes and configuration used for making a server using finch

  •    Scala

Finch Server is a library that merges together the great libraries finch, and twitter-server. Twitter has done a great job of providing great features in twitter-server, but there are some subtleties in utilizing these features, this project aims to make it as easy as possible to use finch and twitter-server together.

finagle-prometheus - Provides a bridge between Finagle and Prometheus metrics

  •    Scala

finagle-prometheus is a library that provides a bridge between Finagle and Prometheus. It contains everything you need to get metrics from a Finagle application into Prometheus. You can then mount this service alongside your other HTTP handlers, and configure Prometheus to scrape that endpoint.

finagle-clojure - A thin Clojure wrapper around Finagle

  •    Clojure

A thin wrapper around Finagle & Twitter Future. This library assumes you are familiar with Finagle. If not, check out its docs. The readmes in each sub-library have more information.

finagle-oauth2 - OAuth2 Server-Side Provider for Finagle

  •    Scala

Finagle OAuth2 is build on top of finagle-http and tt compiles with both Scala 2.11 and 2.10. OAuth2 trait provides two asynchronous methods: issueAccessToken and authorize.

dodo - The Twitter OSS Project Builder

  •    Shell

When working with the Finagle family of Twitter OSS projects it is sometimes necessary to be able to easily build a project against the develop branch of the other Twitter OSS repositories. The builder will build and locally publish via sbt all the Twitter OSS dependencies of the given target project (and optionally the given project as well).

raggiana - A simple standalone Finagle stats viewer

  •    Javascript

Raggiana exists to provide a fast, easy, and intuitive way to view and process data from Finagle projects. Finagle projects create a log file containing dense json data. Raggiana parses this data and graphs it using the Rickshaw javascript library. You should see an empty stats viewer, with controls on the left and some boxes at the bottom that say things like "metrics" and "graph." To upload some data, find the button that says "Choose File". Click it, and it will allow you to choose a file to upload.

RPC_reactive - Examples and explanations of how RPC systems works.

  •    Java

Here we cover with some examples and explanations how most famous RPC as gRPC or Thrift works.