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flysystem - Abstraction for local and remote filesystems

  •    PHP

Flysystem is a filesystem abstraction which allows you to easily swap out a local filesystem for a remote one.If you discover any security related issues, please email frenky@frenky.net instead of using the issue tracker.

pyfilesystem2 - Python's Filesystem abstraction layer

  •    Python

Python's Filesystem abstraction layer. Think of PyFilesystem's FS objects as the next logical step to Python's file objects. In the same way that file objects abstract a single file, FS objects abstract an entire filesystem.

tempfile - Temporary file library for rust

  •    Rust

A secure, cross-platform, temporary file library for Rust. In addition to creating temporary files, this library also allows users to securely open multiple independent references to the same temporary file (useful for consumer/producer patterns and surprisingly difficult to implement securely).

dokanx - user-mode filesystem framework for Windows

  •    C++

Because the original Dokan is no longer maintained, I have decided to fork it. You can read about the original Dokan at dokan-dev.net/en/docs/ . WDK 8.x is not supported yet, but this doesn't mean Dokanx can't run on Windows 8 or later.

rust-9p - Filesystems library using 9P2000.L protocol, an extended variant of 9P from Plan 9.

  •    Rust

Filesystems library using 9P2000.L protocol, an extended variant of 9P from Plan 9. Use Rust nightly.

noflo-filesystem - Filesystem components for NoFlo

  •    CoffeeScript

This module provides components for the NoFlo flow-based programming framework to deal with the file system.

fs.sshfs - Pyfilesystem2 over SSH using paramiko

  •    Python

The following URL parameters are supported: timeout, keepalive. Once created, the SSHFS filesystem behaves like any other filesystem (see the Pyfilesystem2 documentation).

cppfs - Cross-platform C++ file system library supporting multiple backends

  •    C++

cppfs is a cross-platform C++ library that provides an object-oriented abstraction for working with files and the file system. Please follow our CMake project setup guide to setup and build cppfs.