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SharpF2 use the power of regular expression to rename a collection (batch) of files. Extract sub-strings from file names using REGEX. These sub-strings can be formatted and use to build the final file names.

rev-file - Get the revved file path of a file

  •    Javascript

Reads the file, MD5-hashes it, truncates the hash to 10 characters, appends it to the filename, and returns the modified path.Returns a Promise for a revved filepath.

filename-reserved-regex - Regular expression for matching reserved filename characters

  •    Javascript

On Unix-like systems / is reserved and <>:"/\|?* as well as non-printable characters \x00-\x1F on Windows.Returns a regex that matches all invalid characters.

filenamify - Convert a string to a valid safe filename

  •    Javascript

On Unix-like systems / is reserved and <>:"/\|?* on Windows.Accepts a filename and returns a valid filename.

babel-plugin-transform-dirname-filename - Babel plugin that rewrites `__dirname` and `__filename` to static values

  •    Javascript

Babel plugin that rewrites __dirname and __filename to static values.Notice how the build directory is part of the paths, which is not what we want.

node-sanitize-filename - Sanitize string for use as filename

  •    Javascript

Sanitize a string to be safe for use as a filename by removing directory paths and invalid characters. The resulting string is truncated to 255 bytes in length. The string will not contain any directory paths and will be safe to use as a filename.

epinfer - 📺 Retrieve episode information from a filename

  •    Javascript

Extract as much information as possible from a video filename. Inspired by wackou's guessit python module, but in no way as feature complete.

atom-smart-tab-name - Provide smarter tab names form Atom editor.

  •    CoffeeScript

Provide smarter tab names form Atom editor. Useful when you have some files with the same basename name. Auto adjust paths if you have multiples folders in the same window to bring you some context. index filenames will be grayed.

gulp-asset-manifest - gulp plugin for adding generated assets to a manifest file

  •    Javascript

We needed to make hashed asset filenames available in a common format that a webserver (Django) could load into the templates. This plugin can easily be modified to suit your own purposes. It works great with gulp-rev by Sindre Sorhus. gulp-rev adds hashes to the filename, gulp-asset-manifest adds the hashed filenames to the manifest.

normall - Normall: normalize filenames, accents etc ... in JS

  •    Javascript

JS library to normalize filenames, usernames, ... Converts all non latin characters to latin characters. Strips accents, ...

nice-index - Atom package to rename `index.js` files to their parent directory names

  •    CoffeeScript

An Atom package that automatically renames index.* files to their parent directory name. It's common practice, in web development, to give your directories semantically-relevant names, but to give the primary file the name of index.js, index.html, index.css, etc.

safename - Get safe file name from a given string

  •    Javascript

Get safe file name from a given string. Safe name with low dash '_'.