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Watchman - A File Watching Service

  •    C

Watchman exists to watch files and record when they change. It can also trigger actions (such as rebuilding assets) when matching files change. It can recursively watch one or more directory trees. It does not follow symlinks. It knows they exist, but they show up the same as any other file in its reporting. You can query a root for file changes since you last checked, or the current state of the tree. You can subscribe to file changes that occur in a root.

PowerShell scripts, modules and cmdlets for IT Admins


A useful set of additional scripts, modules and cmdlets that haven't been added to PowerShell (yet)


  •    DotNet

This program can watch file- changes on the computer. This program have some benefits if you want to watch some files, or a specifik folder or program folder. It can help you understand more of the I/O file system and more on events.

watch-cli - Watch files and execute an npm script when files change.

  •    Javascript

Command line wrapper for gaze to use in package.json scripts object. It is possible to provide multi paterns, so if one of the files changed, the command will execute.

observer - Golang event emitter and listener with builtin file watcher package.

  •    Go

Go event emitter and listener with builtin file watcher package. This observer implements event emitter and listener pattern in go, the observer register a list of listener functions and implement an event emitter, once an event is emitted, all listener functions will be called.