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fine-uploader - Multiple file upload plugin with image previews, drag and drop, progress bars

  •    Javascript

FineUploader is also simple to use. In the simplest case, you only need to include one JavaScript file. There are absolutely no other required external dependencies. For more information, please see the documentation. If you'd like to help and keep this project strong and relevant, you have several options.

chibisafe - Blazing fast file uploader and awesome bunker written in node! 🚀

  •    Javascript

If you are upgrading from v3.x to v4.0.0 (lolisafe to chibisafe) and you want to keep your files and relations please read the migration guide. Keep in mind the migration is a best-effort script and it's recommended to start from scratch. That being said the migration does work but it's up to you to make a backup beforehand in case something goes wrong. v4.0.1 changed the hashing algorithm for a better, faster one. So if you are currently running v4.0.0 and decide to update to v4.0.1+ it's in your best interest to rehash all the files your instance is serving. To do this go to the chibisafe root folder and run node src/api/utils/rehashDatabase.js. Depending on how many files you have it can take a few minutes or hours, there's a progress bar that will give you an idea.

react-fine-uploader - Easily integrate Fine Uploader or Fine Uploader S3 into a React app

  •    Javascript

Makes using Fine Uploader in a React app simple. Drop-in high-level components for a turn-key UI. Use small focused components to build a more custom UI. These allow you to easily build a highly customizable and powerful UI for your upload widget, backed by Fine Uploader's core feature set. Most of these components are unstyled (i.e. ready to be styled by you). Focused component-specific stylesheets may be provided at a later date.

react-uploady - Modern file uploading - components & hooks for React

  •    Javascript

Modern file-upload components & hooks for React. React-Uploady is a lightweight library - enabling you to build (client-side) file-upload features with just a few lines of code. RU provides the foundations needed to upload files from the browser - The rest is up to you.

vue-clip - Simple and hackable file uploader for VueJs. Supports Vue >= 2.1

  •    Javascript

Vue clip is a minimalistic and hackable file uploader for VueJs. I wrote this plugin due to the absence of well written file uploaders with fine-grained controls. You can make use of module by installing it from npm or directly using it from CDN.

fine-uploader-wrappers - ES6 classes that wrap a Fine Uploader S3, Azure, or Traditional instance & provide additional features

  •    Javascript

These wrap a Fine Uploader instance as ES6 classes and provide additional features such as the ability to dynamically register multiple event/callback listeners. These classes are requirements in projects such as React Fine Uploader and Vue Fine Uploader, among others. If you require support for IE11, you'll need to install an A+/Promise spec compliant polyfill. To install this wrapper classes package, simply npm install fine-uploader-wrappers and see the documentation below for your specific integration instructions (based on your needs).

vue-fineuploader - Easily integrate Fine Uploader into a VueJS 2 app

  •    Vue

Makes using Fine Uploader in a VueJS 2 app simple. Drop-in high-level components for a turn-key UI. Use small focused components to build a more custom UI. I know I never really finished the v2 and that it's full of bugs. This is why I'm restarting from the ground up. I'm not the developer I was 2 years ago when I made this library and I think that I can now offer something way more powerful that its current state.


  •    Javascript

Component that transfers local files to the server. TOAST UI FileUploader applies Google Analytics (GA) to collect statistics on the use of open source, in order to identify how widely TOAST UI FileUploader is used throughout the world. It also serves as important index to determine the future course of projects. location.hostname (e.g. > “ui.toast.com") is to be collected and the sole purpose is nothing but to measure statistics on the usage.

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