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Camlistore - Personal Storage System

Camlistore is a way of storing, syncing, sharing, modeling and backing up content. It is your personal storage system for life. It can store and be accessed like a traditional filesystem, but it specializes in representing higher-level objects which don't need to exist in purely one place in a tree. Save stuff easily without categorizing it or choosing a location. It is represented using content-addressable blob.

Seafile - A file syncing and collaboration platform for teams.

Seafile is an open source cloud storage system with privacy protection and teamwork features. Collections of files are called libraries. Each library can be synced separately. A library can also be encrypted with a user chosen password. Seafile also allows users to create groups and easily sharing files into groups.

CmisSync - Dropbox-like sync for your company's file server

CmisSync allows you to keep in sync with your company's file server, and read/edit the documents even when offline. It works with any CMIS-compliant server like Alfresco, Google drive, SharePoint, Nuxeo etc.

gitobox - Synchronizes a directory with a Git repository; particularly useful to track "dumb" collaboration software like DropBox

This program synchronizes a DropBox directory (or any directory) with a Git repository. Any change in the directory will create a new commit on a specified branch, and a push to that branch will update the directory. Note that this is different from putting your .git folder inside your DropBox. Here, you don't have anything git-related in DropBox, Gitobox gives you a separate, 2-way-synced Git repository that you can use instead of DropBox (or just keep using DropBox and have the Git history for future reference).