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rsmq - Redis Simple Message Queue

  •    CoffeeScript

A lightweight message queue for Node.js that requires no dedicated queue server. Just a Redis server. tl;dr: If you run a Redis server and currently use Amazon SQS or a similar message queue you might as well use this fast little replacement. Using a shared Redis server multiple Node.js processes can send / receive messages.

fifo.lua - Fifo library for Lua

  •    Lua

A lua library/'class' that implements a FIFO. Objects in the fifo can be of any type, including nil.This project has been used in production since 2012.

fifo_map - a FIFO-ordered associative container for C++

  •    C++

C++ allows to defined associative containers such as std::map. The values are ordered according to their keys and an ordering relation. The fifo_map is an associative container which uses the order in which keys were inserted to the container as ordering relation.As it has the same interface than std::map, it can be used as drop-in replacement. The code is header-only (see file src/fifo_map.hpp) and only relies on the STL.

p-queue - Promise queue with concurrency control

  •    Javascript

Useful for rate-limiting async operations. For example, when interacting with a REST API or when doing CPU/memory intensive tasks.Here we run only one promise at the time. For example, set concurrency to 4 to run four promises at the time.

opq - A simple, in-memory queue with worker pooling and rate limiting in Elixir.

  •    Elixir

A simple, in-memory queue with worker pooling and rate limiting in Elixir. OPQ leverages Erlang's queue module and Elixir's GenStage. Originally built to support Crawler.

queue-fifo - Javascript implementation of a queue data structure.

  •    Javascript

This is a javascript implementation of a queue data structure. A queue data structure models the notion of 'First in First Out', or FIFO— image the line at the grocery store. The first item to be removed from a queue is the first item placed in the queue. Basically, the order in which items are placed in the queue matters.

node-dequeue - A simple double ended queue datastructure

  •    Javascript

Dequeue is implemented as a doubly linked circular list with a titular head node. By "titular head node", I mean an empty node to designate the beginning and end of the circularly linked list. I first saw this construction in the linux kernel source and it seem simple and elegant. I added the .length property to use it like I was using an Array. I was using a javascript Array as a FIFO. Somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 entries the program performance went to hell (dev host is a MBP w/8GB RAM). 15 minutes later, I implemented a simple dequeue and my FIFO scales up to millions of entries.

tiny-queue - Simple JavaScript FIFO queue implementation to avoid having to do shift()

  •    Javascript

A simple FIFO queue implementation as a linked list. The main benefit is to avoid doing shift() on an array, which may be slow. It's implemented in the straightforward root -> node1 -> node2 -> etc. architecture that you may have learned in CS 101. This can typically be used as a drop-in replacement for an array, and it's only 38 lines of code.

rx-queue - Easy to Use RxJS Queue for Throttle/Debounce/Delay/DelayExecute

  •    TypeScript

Easy to Use ReactiveX Queue that Supports Delay/DelayExector/Throttle/Debounce Features Powered by RxJS. RxQueue is the base class of all other queues. It extends from RxJS Subject.

misc - Embedded software modules: dynamic memory with defrag, Linked list, RAMFS, GFX, Primitive scheduler, FIFO etc

  •    C

Embedded software modules: dynamic memory with defrag, Linked list, RAMFS, GFX, Primitive scheduler, FIFO etc.

fifo - fifo pkg for Go

  •    Go

Go package for handling fifos in a sane way.

process - :whale2: The process wrapper and manager based on PCNTL on the Unix-like systems using php

  •    PHP

The library help to work with processes. It provides a more readable api and various modes for IPC via pipe(FIFO) and system v. The library replies on the following php's extension.

caches - LRU, LFU, FIFO cache C++ implementations

  •    C++

Using this library is simple. It is necessary to include header with the cache implementation (cache.hpp file) and appropriate header with the cache policy if it is needed. If not then the non-special algorithm will be used (it removes the last element which key is the last in the internal container). The only requirement is a compatible C++11 compiler.

goconcurrentqueue - Go concurrent-safe, goroutine-safe, thread-safe queue

  •    Go

The package goconcurrentqueue offers a public interface Queue with methods for a queue. It comes with multiple Queue's concurrent-safe implementations, meaning they could be used concurrently by multiple goroutines without adding race conditions. FIFO: concurrent-safe auto expandable queue.

gocache - High performance and lightweight in-memory cache library with LRU and FIFO support as well as memory-usage-based-eviction

  •    Go

gocache is an easy-to-use, high-performance, lightweight and thread-safe (goroutine-safe) in-memory key-value cache with support for LRU and FIFO eviction policies as well as expiration, bulk operations and even persistence to file. It also supports cache entry TTL, which is both active and passive. Active expiration means that if you attempt to retrieve a cache key that has already expired, it will delete it on the spot and the behavior will be as if the cache key didn't exist. As for passive expiration, there's a background task that will take care of deleting expired keys.

d4c-queue - Execute tasks sequentially or concurrently

  •    TypeScript

Wrap an async/promise-returning/sync function as a queue-ready async function, which is enqueued while being called. This is convenient to reuse it. In synchronization mode, task queues execute original functions sequentially by default (equivalently concurrency limit = 1). In concurrency mode, it allows changing concurrency limit to have concurrent tasks executed. It also supports @synchronized/@concurrent decorator on instance or static methods. Passing arguments and using await to get return values are also supported. This package includes two builds.

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