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json-mask - Tiny language and engine for selecting specific parts of a JS object, hiding the rest.

  •    Javascript

This is a tiny language and an engine for selecting specific parts of a JS object, hiding/masking the rest.The main difference between JSONPath / JSONSelect and this engine is that JSON Mask preserves the structure of the original input object. Instead of returning an array of selected sub-elements (e.g. [{a: 1}, {z: 1}] from example above), it filters-out the parts of the object that you don't need, keeping the structure unchanged: {p: {a: 1}, z: 1}.

IM field


Custom field to WSS and Sharepoint. Show online status of user. Support most common IM software.

express-partial-response - Express middleware for filtering-out parts of JSON responses based on the `fields` query-string; à la Google API's Partial Response

  •    Javascript

This Express Middleware will allow you to send a subset of a JSON object instead of an entire object from your HTTP services. To do so, your services will begin accepting the ?fields= query-string that, using a simple language, will specify which fields and sub-feelds to keep and which to ignore.If you've used the Google APIs, provided a ?fields= query-string to get a Partial Response, and wanted to do the same for your own server, now you can do so with this middleware.

AutoResize - A jQuery plug-in that automatically resizes textareas on input

  •    Javascript

A jQuery Plugin that matches a textarea to the height of its text content

yoast-acf-analysis - WordPress plugin that adds the content of all ACF fields to the Yoast SEO score analysis

  •    Javascript

WordPress plugin that adds the content of all ACF fields to the Yoast SEO score analysis. ##Description Yoast WordPress SEO's score analysis does not take in to account the content of a post's Advanced Custom Fields. This plugin uses Yoast WordPress SEO 3.1's plugin system to hook into the analyser in order to add ACF content to the SEO analysis.

deku-forms - A collection of deku components for working with forms

  •    Javascript

A collection of deku components for working with forms. While I consider much of the API stable, it could change after real-world usage. Generally-speaking, I forsee more additions than changes. NOTE: As of 1.x, I have switched this module over to using mako for builds instead of component and duo. The 0.x releases are still compatible with duo/component as they were before.

vue-rawmodel - RawModel.js plugin for Vue.js v2. Form validation has never been easier!

  •    TypeScript

This plugin integrates RawModel.js framework into your Vue.js application. RawModel.js is a simple framework which provides a strongly-typed JavaScript object with support for validation and error handling. It has a rich API which significantly simplifies server-side and client-side data validation and manipulation. Because it's an unopinionated framework it flawlessly integrates with popular modules like vuex, apollo-client and other related libraries.

phys.js - Advanced Physics Library designed for Javascript and Node.JS

  •    Javascript

The APIs will allow you to understand the usage of each function, while also being able to access each constant and each function defined in the library, and apply them in your work. Putting an "i" before any library name without parameters will allow you to see the Name, Inputs, and Equation of that particular function.

graphql-list-fields - Get a list of fields while resolving a GraphQL query

  •    Javascript

When implementing a GraphQL server, it can be useful to know the list of fields being queried on a given type. This module takes a GraphQLResolveInfo object and returns a list of fields.

std-pkg - The Official package.json Standard™ for Npm® endorsed fields

  •    Javascript

This is useful if you're writing tooling around package.json and want to make sure you are following the Official NPM package.json Standard™. Read index.js and test.js for valid values for each field.

redux-easy-forms - REForms: A React-Redux forms library for the people!

  •    Javascript

REF exposes a small number of handy methods to cut down on common form-related chores. It maintains its "private" Redux state, eliminating the need for dispatching actions or connecting to the forms reducer directly. It is a fairly narrowly-focused abstraction, compatible with native HTML inputs and any React components which follow the same props (adaptable).

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