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frisbee - :dog2: Modern fetch-based alternative to axios/superagent/request

  •    Javascript

tldr; Stripe-inspired API wrapper for WHATWG's fetch() method for making simple HTTP requests (alternative to superagent, request, axios).If you're using node-fetch, you need node-fetch@v1.5.3 to use form-data with files properly (due to https://github.com/bitinn/node-fetch/issues/102) If you experience form file upload issues, please see https://github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/7564#issuecomment-266323928.

fetch-suspense - A React hook compatible with React 16.6's Suspense component.

  •    TypeScript

useFetch is a React hook that supports the React 16.6 Suspense component implementation. The design decisions and development process for this package are outlined in the Medium article React Suspense with the Fetch API.

fetch-examples - A repository of Fetch examples

  •    HTML

A repository of Fetch examples. See https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Fetch_API for the corresponding documentation.

fake-fetch - fake window.fetch for tests

  •    Javascript

fake window.fetch for tests. Mock window.fetch before doing anything.

fetch-ponyfill - WHATWG fetch ponyfill

  •    Javascript

This module wraps the github/fetch polyfill in a CommonJS module for browserification, and avoids appending anything to the window, instead returning a setup function when fetch-ponyfill is required. Inspired by object-assign. When used in Node, delegates to node-fetch instead.

fetch-http-client - A http client wrapper for fetch api with middleware support.

  •    Javascript

A http client wrapper for Fetch API with middleware support. Fetch API is a elegant way to access HTTP resources. I used it in my React/ReactNative project as the default network layer. But it still has some inconvenience to use. For example, every request should carry the access token in HTTP request headers, ervery request error should be logged to console etc.

legible - the cleanest way to make http requests in js / node

  •    Javascript

Proof of concept at making http requests easier to work with in JS / Node. This wraps the fetch api. A request library using template literals. Making requests has never been so straight forward! Make it easy for users to adopt your api, document it using this library, and everyone will understand making requests.

make-fetch-happen - Get in loser, we're making requests!

  •    Javascript

The make-fetch-happen team enthusiastically welcomes contributions and project participation! There's a bunch of things you can do if you want to contribute! The Contributor Guide has all the information you need for everything from reporting bugs to contributing entire new features. Please don't hesitate to jump in if you'd like to, or even ask us questions if something isn't clear. All participants and maintainers in this project are expected to follow Code of Conduct, and just generally be excellent to each other.

form-to-google-sheets - Store HTML form submissions in Google Sheets.

  •    Javascript

To learn how to add additional input fields, checkout section 7 below. If you want to better understand what this script is doing, checkout the form-script-commented.js file in the repo for a detailed explanation.

zl-fetch - A library that makes the Fetch API a breeze

  •    Javascript

You can install zlFetch through npm or yarn. Make sure Fetch is supported. You can provide support with ismorphic-fetch if you need to.

axios-fetch - A WebAPI Fetch implementation backed by an Axios client

  •    Javascript

This library exposes a Fetch WebAPI implementation backed by a Axios client instance. This allows a bridge between projects that have pre-configured Axios clients already to other libraries that require Fetch implementations.

fetch-lite - A lightweight module to send HTTP(s) requests from Node.js.

  •    Javascript

A lightweight module to send HTTP(s) requests from Node.js. Install using npm.

axios-endpoints - Axios endpoints helps you to create a more concise endpoint mapping with axios.

  •    TypeScript

Axios endpoints helps you to create a more concise endpoint mapping with a simple but flexible api. It is as wrapper over axios. For a more complete usage of axios settings, you may use the Factory.

fetch-action-creator - Fetches using standardized, four-part asynchronous actions for redux-thunk.

  •    Javascript

Fetches using standardized, four-part asynchronous actions for redux-thunk. Dispatch a single, asynchronous action that fetches a request, and your redux store will receive corresponding actions when your fetch API (1) requests, (2) resolves a response, (3) rejects an error, and/or (4) is aborted.

react-fetch-hook - React hook for conveniently use Fetch API

  •    Javascript

React hook for conveniently use Fetch API. useFetch accepts the same arguments as fetch function.

create-request - Apply interceptors to `fetch` and create a custom request function.

  •    TypeScript

Apply interceptors to fetch and create a custom request function. This library is published in the NPM registry and can be installed using any compatible package manager.

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