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bs-react-fela - BuckleScript bindings for react-fela

  •    OCaml

Reason/BuckleScript bindings for react-fela. See also bs-react-fela-examples. Fela is a small, high-performant and framework-agnostic toolbelt to handle state-driven styling in JavaScript. It is dynamic by design and renders your styles depending on your application state.

just-box - Just-Box helps you create universal layouts in your React and React-Native apps.

  •    Javascript

Just-Box helps you create universal layouts in your React and React-Native apps. It's based on Daniel Steigerwald idea implemented in este boilerplate. just-box is a less opinionated standalone version with some additions and tweaks. Before you start creating layouts you have to answer two questions.

fela-workshop - CSS to CSS-in-JS (fela) exercises

  •    Javascript

This repository is a collection of typical Fela examples. It uses some helper utilities from Cloudflare's cf-ui library but it's still plain Fela. To make the setup painless we maintain fine-tuned pre-configured set of Fela plugins, enhancers, breakpoints and colors. Everytime we start a new project, we just need to wrap its root with <StyleProvider> component and that's it! You probably want to fork it once you start building your own project. We also use our own flavor of createComponent that automatically whitelists PropTypes in case we are styling an existing React component.

veel - Base react styling components using fela with a design system

  •    Javascript

The following renders a responsive row with two equally divided divs collapsing on mobile. This makes the most sense when you create the document skeleton with JSX.

fela-components - Styling library for React and Fela

  •    Javascript

fela-components is a styling library for Fela and React. All of this while remaining fully compatible with all of the awesomeness of Fela itself, from atomic class names to the outstanding plugin system.

lab-cli - Command line utilities and exporting module for Compositor Lab

  •    Javascript

Lab projects can be published in a way that allows them to be installed and imported into other Lab projects from the app. The Node API is used by the Lab app to export lab components to React and other formats.

react-native-css-in-js-benchmarks - CSS in JS Benchmarks for React Native

  •    Javascript

See RESULTS.md for the benchmark results. The idea and some code pieces are heavily inspired by A-gambit/CSS-IN-JS-Benchmarks, which benchmarks were made for React Web.

vue-fela - Fela plugin for Vue

  •    Javascript

When the plugin is installed, a $fela property is set on Vue's prototype making it available on each component instance. The $fela property provides a reference to the Fela Renderer instance that was passed as an option when the plugin was installed. The Fela Renderer instance is also provided through the inject interface on a fela key. This allows you to access the renderer within functional Vue components.

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