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FreshRSS - A free, self-hostable aggregator…

  •    PHP

FreshRSS is a self-hosted RSS feed aggregator such as Leed or Kriss Feed. It is at the same time lightweight, easy to work with, powerful and customizable.

intelmq - IntelMQ is a solution for IT security teams for collecting and processing security feeds using a message queuing protocol

  •    Python

IntelMQ is a solution for IT security teams (CERTs, CSIRTs, abuse departments,...) for collecting and processing security feeds (such as log files) using a message queuing protocol. It's a community driven initiative called IHAP (Incident Handling Automation Project) which was conceptually designed by European CERTs/CSIRTs during several InfoSec events. Its main goal is to give to incident responders an easy way to collect & process threat intelligence thus improving the incident handling processes of CERTs. See INSTALL.

Cyca - Online Bookmarks and Feeds Manager

  •    PHP

Cyca is a PHP application that allows you to manage bookmarks and feeds from everywhere.

feedhq - FeedHQ is a web-based feed reader

  •    Python

Then deploy the Django app using the recipe that fits your installation. More documentation on the Django deployment guide. The WSGI application is located at feedhq.wsgi.application.

Snarl - A notification engine for Windows

  •    CSharp

Snarl is a notification system for Windows, inspired by Growl for Mac. It includes a number of advanced features including configurable styles and extensions, presence management and support for numerous protocols, including the emerging GNTP. It helps to stay up to date with news feeds, emails, sports and weather updates and more. See notifications on your desktop and mobile devices.

Read the Reader


Read the Reader is a lightweight Google Reader Client. It runs in the background and tells you, when something's happening.

Feed Discovery


Want to subscribe to a web page and can't find the newsfeed? Just rightclick on the page and discover! Subscribe directly in IE, Google Reader or any other.



OPMLtools is a OPML tool that can find duplicate nodes(google reader feeds) and remove duplicate nodes from OPML file.

RSS Advanced Reader Web Part for SharePoint


This web part has some advanced funcionalities to display RSS feeds inSharePoint. Including Ajax support, multiple feeds, layout customization, ...

G's Syndication Pocket


G's Syndication Pocket is simple RSS Aggregate application. This is suitable for .NET Compact Framework. I checked it on Sharp's W-ZERO3.

Google Reader .NET API


This library can access Google Reader feeds. It provides access to retreive and manage a user's feeds stored within Google Reader. It can be used to retreive feed items from the Google Reader data store and alter their metadata (including tags and read or unread status). It is...

JeCARS - Control you content

  •    Java

JeCARS (Java Extendable Contents And Rights System) is a lightweight RESTful webservice which delivers pluggable output formats, e.g. Atom feeds, JSON or HTML. Third party applications can be plugged in. A JCR (JSR-170) repository (Jackrabbit) is used for storage.

Newsboat - RSS/Atom feed reader for the text console

  •    C++

Newsboat is an RSS/Atom feed reader for the text console. It’s an actively maintained fork of Newsbeuter.

feedr - Use feedr to fetch the data from a remote url, respect its caching, and parse its data

  •    Javascript

Use feedr to fetch the data from a remote url, respect its caching, and parse its data. Despite its name, it's not just for feed data but also for all data that you can feed into it (including binary data).Older environments may need Babel's Polyfill or something similar.

feeds - DIY Atom feeds in times of social media and paywalls

  •    Python

Once upon a time every website offered an RSS feed to keep readers updated about new articles/blog posts via the users' feed readers. These times are long gone. The once iconic orange RSS icon has been replaced by "social share" buttons. Feeds aims to bring back the good old reading times. It creates Atom feeds for websites that don't offer them (anymore). It allows you to read new articles of your favorite websites in your feed reader (e.g. Tiny Tiny RSS) even if this is not officially supported by the website.

feedparser-promised - Wrapper around feedparser with promises

  •    Javascript

Wrapper around feedparser with promises. There are many ways to contribute, such as fixing opened issues, creating them or suggesting new ideas. Either way will be very appreciated.

react-native-example - React Native Activity Feed example application

  •    Javascript

If you followed the React Native tutorial, you already have a pre-configured app on your account that you can use for this project. Open the .env file in your favorite editor. And fill in the credentials.