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nlp - Selected Machine Learning algorithms for basic natural language processing in Golang

  •    Go

An implementation of selected machine learning algorithms for basic natural language processing in golang. The initial focus for this project is Latent Semantic Analysis to allow retrieval/searching, clustering and classification of text documents based upon semantic content.Built upon the gonum/gonum matrix library with some inspiration taken from Python's scikit-learn.

DSeg - Invariant Superpixel Features for Object Detection

  •    C++

DSeg is a novel superpixel-based feature designed to be useful in semantic segmentation, object detection, and pose-estimation/localization tasks. DSeg extracts the shape and color of object-positive and object-negative superpixels, and encodes this information in a compact feature vector. While this project is only in its infancy, DSeg has already shown promising results on superpixel-wise object detection (is superpixel A part of an instance of object class B?). Below we cover the implementation details of DSeg, present preliminary experimental results, and discuss future work and additional enhancements.