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mlr - mlr: Machine Learning in R

  •    R

Please cite our JMLR paper [bibtex]. Some parts of the package were created as part of other publications. If you use these parts, please cite the relevant work appropriately. An overview of all mlr related publications can be found here.

evalml - EvalML is an AutoML library written in python.

  •    Python

EvalML is an AutoML library which builds, optimizes, and evaluates machine learning pipelines using domain-specific objective functions.

Boruta - Boruta R package

  •    R

Boruta is an R package implementing Boruta, an all relevant feature selection method. More details here.

FEAST - A FEAture Selection Toolbox for C/C+, Java, and Matlab/Octave.

  •    C

A FEAture Selection Toolbox for C/C++ & MATLAB/OCTAVE, v2.0.0. If you use these implementations for academic research please cite the relevant paper above. All FEAST code is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License.

DocumentFeatureSelection - A set of metrics for feature selection from text data

  •    Python

The feature selection is also useful when you observe your text data. With the feature selection, you can get to know which features really contribute to specific labels. Please visit project page on github.

Machine_Learning - Estudo e implementação dos principais algoritmos de Machine Learning em Jupyter Notebooks

  •    Jupyter

Esse repositório foi criado com a intenção de difundir o ensino de Machine Learning em português. Os algoritmos aqui implementados não são otimizados e foram implementados visando o fácil entendimento. Portanto, não devem ser utilizados para fins de pesquisa ou outros fins além dos especificados.

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