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node-fastcgi-application - Run Node under a FCGI process manager.

  •    Javascript

Run your Node.js server under a FastCGI link from a webserver. Useful if you want to run Node on a shared host, or if you have some kind of middleware you rely on in your webserver. You can integrate this into an existing project by simply changing your http.createServer call to use this library.

Criollo - A powerful Cocoa based web application framework for macOS, iOS and tvOS.

  •    Objective-C

Criollo helps create fast standalone or embedded web apps that deliver content directly over HTTP or FastCGI. You can write code in Swift or Objective-C and you can use the Cocoa technologies you already know. Criollo is designed with speed, security and flexibility in mind, that's why it comes with a few very useful features out of the box, thus allowing you to focus on the actual job your project needs to do, without having to jump through hoops in order to make it happen.

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