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FanfouHandpick - 📖 A Fanfou Handpick Client Developed by Kotlin

  •    Kotlin

FanfouHandpick's API comes from Anthonyeef's repo FanfouDaily,Thanks for him.This project is developed by Kotlin, if you use Java rather than Kotlin, you need to install the plugins and configure your environment before you compile it.

fansky - 饭斯基 - 第三方饭否客户端

  •    Objective-C

This code is distributed under the terms and conditions of the MIT license.

PREFiX - 简洁、易用的 Chrome 饭否客户端.

  •    Javascript

简洁、易用的 Chrome 饭否客户端.

Ripple - 基于 OAuth 的饭否 JavaScript 应用工具包

  •    Javascript

基于 OAuth 的饭否 JavaScript 应用工具包

alfred-fanfou - Alfred 3 workflow for Fanfou

  •    Javascript

Require Node.js >=6 and the Alfred Powerpack. In timeline mode, hold Command to display additional information.

fanfou-sdk-node - Fanfou SDK for Node.js

  •    Javascript

For more usages, see the example. For more Fanfou API docs, see the Fanfou API doc.

nofan - CLI for Fanfou

  •    Javascript

If you don't have consumer key, come here to create one. Use nofan colors to customize your color scheme.

Simpo - A macOS menubar app to post status quickly.

  •    Ruby

A macOS menubar application to post status to social networks. Supporting Fanfou, Twitter, and Weibo accounts. click the profile image to switch account; press cmd to select multiple accounts.

go-fanfou - A Fanfou API library for Go

  •    Go

All optional parameter types starts with the resource's name. E.g. Statuses -> StatusesOptParams. See the examples directory to learn how to authenticate the client instance before calling the endpoints.

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