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fancybox - jQuery lightbox script for displaying images, videos and more

  •    Javascript

jQuery lightbox script for displaying images, videos and more. Touch enabled, responsive and fully customizable. See the project page for documentation and a demonstration.

SharePoint YouTube Video Web Part Suite

  •    JQuery

The available Web Parts helps you to integarte Videos from YouTube into your SharePoint site. In contrast to the out of the box Media Web Part, the new Web Parts are designed especial for YouTube videos. Connect your YouTube channel and choose the videos you want to see.

minimal-lightbox - A minimal Medium

  •    Javascript

When including this library as an external script tag (instead of with a module system like browserify or webpack) it exposes a global minimalLightbox as the main export. You can use that to programmatically bind elements to be zoomable. This module is dependent on classes/styles to produce the lightbox effect, so your mileage may vary on certain older browsers.

lighterbox - A lighterweight gallery module for modern desktop and mobile browsers.

  •    Javascript

A lighterweight lightbox gallery module. A simple plugin supporting modern mobile and desktop browsers to minimize configuration and hacky code. Customizable. NOTE (from Adam): I no longer contribute to this plugin, but I'm happy to review and manage PRs.


  •    Javascript

Ender-overlay is a highly configurable overlay plugin for Ender. You can easily build your own gallery or other overlay based logic on the top of this plugin. It's just 2.1 KByte (minified and gzipped). It requires Jeesh and Morpheus for animations. Even though, you can leave Morpheus out if you are fine without animations. Currently it's tested in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE7+. You can report bugs here.

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