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Family.scss is a set of 26 smart Sass mixins which will help you to manage the style of :nth-child'ified elements, in an easy and classy way. Otherwise import the Family.scss source file.

monica - Personal CRM. Remember everything about your friends and family.

Monica is a great open source personal relationship management system. We also have official open source mobile apps but they are extremely basic at this point and not well maintained.


For a hobby that revolves around dead people, genealogy is remarkably popular: it's the fastest growing scene in North America. And a perfect study for our first Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) reference application. Our designers employed every trick in the WPF book– s...

The Family Tree project

The Family Tree Project is a collection of libraries and tools to manage Genealogical data. We will be providing a GEDCOM Library for managing GEDCOM data, a "Family Tree" Framework, whiich will provide a rich object model for managing Genealogical data an ASP.NET MVC applic...

kingraph - Plots family trees using JavaScript and Graphviz

A family tree plotter with a very simple syntax. It probably doesn't cover everything bigger tools do, but covers 90% of it for the sake of simplicity.This adds the kingraph command to your shell.

lme4qtl - Linear mixed models (@lme4) + custom covariances + restrictions on model parameters

lme4qtl extends the lme4 R package for quantitative trait locus (qtl) mapping. It is all about the covariance structure of random effects. lme4qtl supports user-defined matrices for that, e.g. kinship or IBDs. See slides bit.ly/1UiTZvQ introducing the lme4qtl R package or read our article / preprint.

MMM-ImagesPhotos - Show images and photos in your MagicMirror

This is a module for the MagicMirror. It will show photos from a directory. git clone https://github.com/roramirez/MMM-ImagesPhotos.git.

FamilyTree - Vanshavali:- FamilyTree is simple PHP Application targetting the collection of family data which can viewed with beautiful visualisation

FamilyTree is simple PHP Application targetting the collection of family data which can viewed with beautiful visualisation. You can add/update data, play with the visualisation, show you children their roots, add new members as they enter your family. First thing is to clone the repository. If you are not familiar with the word clone, it just means to download the application. You can download it from here, else if you know how to clone, below is the command you can use to clone the repository.

hobo-elm - HOBO application written in Elm programming language

Simple and FAST family budget organizer. Very easy to use, no training necessary.


The Ultimate hosts file for protecting your computer or device against over several hundred thousand bad web sites. Protect your children and family from gaining access to bad web sites and protect your devices and pc from being infected with Malware or Ransomware. A hosts file for use on any operating system to block bad domains out of your servers or devices. Information gathered from multiple sources and merged into one massive hosts file and updated every day.